Never Thought My Son Would Make My  Incestuous Sex Story Fantasy Come True

I know that I shouldn’t be indulging in my incestuous sex story fantasy, dreaming of having carnal relations with my son, but it’s been so long since I’ve been with a man. And seeing him grow into such a strong, virile young man has taken over my good senses and plunged me into such incestuous desires, my taboo fantasy taking up all my thoughts.

So here I find myself, in my son’s bedroom, lost in lustful thoughts of my son and me together. Seriously, what could it hurt? It’s in the middle of the afternoon, and he’s still at school.  It’s not like I’m actually fucking my son – just masturbating to the taboo fantasy of it. I’m splayed out on his bed with my bare legs stretched wide. In fact, I’ve stripped down to nothing so my entire body is on display. I just want to be surrounded by his intoxicating scent. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt anyone, and the sheets that smell of him will just feed my incestuous thoughts.

I’m deep in my fantasy, my eyes heavy-lidded, my fingers working my swollen clit and my achy pussy. My other hand is playing with my swollen breasts. I like a bit of pain, so I’m pinching and twisting one of my nipples. The punishment sends another gush of juices between my already slicked pussy lips. That’s when a guttural moan bubbles up from my throat. I can’t seem to hold back my pleas as I moan my son’s name. Yes, it’s his name on my lips as visions of him taking me, fucking me hard, swamp my every sense.  My back arches in anticipation of my ensuing orgasm.

“Mom, what are you doing?”

With Those Words, My  Incestuous Sex Story Fantasy Abruptly Morphs into an Insidious Nightmare

It takes a moment or two for my mind to catch up with what’s transpiring. That my son’s voice is not in my lust-filled imagination but is life and in person. Here. In his room. While I’m masturbating and writhing naked on his bed. I finally sobered up to the reality of what was taking place. I can feel my heart stutter as if a bucket of ice-cold water were abruptly dousing my fiery body.  Naturally, my son’s question throws me into a panic. I immediately toss the sheet over my naked body, then scramble to lean over the side of the bed. My panties are there somewhere on the floor if only I could reach them. I can’t seem to stop apologizing to him, saying how sorry I was and how wrong it was for me and how it will never EVER happen again.

That’s when he pushes me back down on the bed.  “It’s alright mom.” I look into his eyes, not believing what I’m seeing – lust, hunger… for me. No, it can’t be. My incestuous sex story fantasies are only supposed to be fantasies. But my body is saying something else altogether. That it wants “mom and son” to mean more. To feel His hard cock thrusting deep inside my pulsating cunt.

My incestuous thoughts becoming reality distract me.

My son is murmuring something. What’s he saying? I couldn’t possibly be hearing him correctly. Something about how hot I looked with my fingers deep in my pussy. Moreover, he’s been thinking about me in his bed, just like this. Like this? He has my hands above my head, his belt tying my wrists together, then to the headboard above me.

I look up at what he’s doing, then at him. That’s when he looks at me and smiles, and then I feel his lips pressing again mine. But not the way a son kisses his mother. He kisses me like a man in need of claiming what’s his.


So tell me, what do you think will happen? Will mom succumb to her son’s taboo mommy son incest demands?  Will he force himself on her? On me? Or will I give into my taboo incest sex story fantasy, or fight to put an end to my son’s primal desires?  Call my phone sex line and let’s see what direction our incest phone sex will take.


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