When I was a teen, my Uncle (I called him Tío) would pick me up from school and help me with my homework. During the rides home, Tío talked to me about his relationships in high school as a teen. Once, he told me about a blowjob he got in a movie theater. I kept imagining it was I gagging on his cock with all those people around us. Some may think incest is gross, but I just find it naughty and fun. Especially when I was a teen and especially from my uncle. Anyone who fucked him like I did would have no regrets either.


He kept telling the story and I was getting hot and bothered in the front seat, imagining the experience of incest. When we got to the house, my teen panties were soaked from lust, so I went to the bathroom to change. It was there I saw my tío, who got there first, taking a piss. I peaked through the door and touched myself while staring at his penis. It was smooth and sexy and I needed to have it. He opened the door and I put my hand on his abdomen, “don’t take so long next time tío, you’re making a girl wait.” He was surprised to see me there, but I rushed past him into the bathroom, giggling loudly to play with his mind. It was so fun teasing him.

I took off my panties and put on a short skirt. No panties felt sexy. I then walked to the living room couch where my uncle was, still clearly thinking about me touching his stomach and realizing I was checking out his cock. I remember thinking: I hope he knows this little teen wants to fuck with incest.

I dropped my backpack in front of the couch where Tío was sitting. I then bent over in front of him, letting him see my asshole and pussy, while I pretended to go through my backpack to find homework. I stood bent over a long time, hoping for him to grab my little teen ass. Hoping for a sweet incest fuck. And I got exactly what I wanted.

Tío grabbed my hips then started smelling my holes and biting my butt. I gasped in excitement—he had taken the bait. I spread my legs farther apart, hoping he would press his tongue on my asshole and dip deep into my pussy. But to my surprise he just started spanking me. Again and again he spanked me, punishing a small teen for teasing him into incest.

“Yes tío, yes!” I moaned, feeling my butt cheek get red with each spank. He stiffened his tongue and slid it into my ass, moistening my hole until he shoved his cock inside. It was my first anal and it felt really good. During the whole fuck he never turned me around to look me in the eyes—which was exactly what I desired. I just wanted my uncle to use me for tiny teen asshole, and he was doing it. When he was done, I ran to the bathroom to “freshen up,” but all I really did was let the cum drip into my hand so I could taste my tío’s sperm.

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