I Have An Incest Story That Still Turns Me On

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for my stepbrother, he’s hot. I’m friends with this girl he’s seeing, and she told me he’s a great fuck and has a huge dick. I’d tried to tease him and say some suggestive things. He thought I was just messing with him and laughed them off. I let him know I was serious. I knew he was out working late with his friends one night playing a gig. And I waited for him, nude, in his bed. He came in late and saw me laying there. He was shocked but wasn’t mad. This was my favorite incest story.

I Knew His Cock Was Big And Very Yummy

I told him I’d heard he was a big boy, and I wanted to see just how big myself. He laughed and started to get undressed. I must have turned him on by being here naked since he was hard. His cock sprang out of his pants and bobbed in the air. I reached out and grabbed it and started to stroke it. He didn’t stop me. I pulled him closer to the edge of the bed and placed it in my mouth. I was looking him right in the eye and sucking the head of his dick. And I could tell from his breathing he was getting turned on as I did it. I licked all around the head, tracing my tongue down one side and up the other. Tapping the drooling tip on my tongue and tasting his sweet pre-cum.

He Wasn’t Holding Back

I massaged his balls, and he placed his hand on the back of my head. He was really ramming it down my throat. He hadn’t known he was about to walk into a real-life incest story, but he had.

And He sure wasn’t fighting it though. He was thrusting his hips, fucking my mouth, gagging me with his hard shaft. I loved it. He was just as big as my friend had described. I knew he was getting ready to blow a load in my mouth, and I opened wide for it. I felt rope after rope of his hot cum splash into my waiting mouth. And I gulped it down, and he wiped my lips with his thumb.

My Pussy Was Dripping With Anticipation

He got me on all fours in his bed and I knew he’d be hard again very shortly. He rubbed his hands over my shapely young ass and gave me a playful smack. I looked over my shoulder at him and smiled. He said I was a good little slut, and I soon felt him poking his dick into my pussy. I felt the large head pop into my cunt opening and I relaxed as much as I could. He eased it into me and I gasped at its girth.

I was really getting stretched open by my step brother’s cock. My pussy was dripping in anticipation of this and I soon coated his cock with my wetness. He groaned as it sank into my young, tight cunt. He reached under me and began to tease my clit as we fucked. The sensation was incredible, and I bucked wildly against him. This incest story was hotter than any I’d ever read online, that was for sure.

It Was An Experience I Will Always Remember

A few more strokes of his fingers over my hardened bud combined with his dick and I left. I cried out in orgasm as he shot another load, this time into my depths. He quickly got on his back and told me to sit on his face. He wanted that sweet cream pie. I did as I was told and felt him clamp his mouth around my gaping, dripping hole.

I felt his tongue slither up into me, scooping out his sperm. Once he  finished cleaning me, he began to nurse on my clit. I felt that incessant sucking, driving me wild until I all but collapsed on his face. He made me cum so hard a second time, we just lay there, panting like animals. I couldn’t believe what a wonderful fuck my stepbrother was.  Dana bannerTonight of pleasure was a dream come true. And I have a feeling I will be back in his bed again soon, very. Call me for the best incest phonesex!