I want to tell you about one of the many incest sissy fantasies that make me wet!

I know it’s so taboo, but I have so many incest sissy fantasies in my naughty little mind. Incest phone sex is so naughty, but it makes me feel so good. All I can think about is how good my brother would look in a pair of pretty pink panties. My imagination runs wild and I spend hours thinking about how to make him into my perfect sissy boy. All the pretty outfits I could dress him up in, I’ll make him as pretty as one of my dollies. Dress him up and use him! I want to make my brother my favorite new toy.

After I dress him up in some of my pretty lace lingerie and play with him all night long. I’d make him kneel on the floor while I do his makeup. Only the best for my sissy slut of a brother. I’d make his eyes sparkle with glitter and get out my pink lipstick. That lipstick is going to look so amazing smeared all over my big dildo. I know by the time I’m done transforming him, he’s going to be begging me to make him my bitch.

All sissy sluts crave cock.

I won’t let him have it until he’s on his need begging to be mine. I’ll make him show me how well he can suck cock on my strap on. My brother would be the perfect sissy, his pretty mouth was made to be fucked. Watching him wrap those pretty pink lips around a thick dildo is what I dream about. I’d make him tell me exactly what he is now. He can never go back now that he’s my sissy.

Finally, I would want him to turn around and show me his sissy fuckhole. Spread it for me, my sissy brother. I’m going to make you into my perfect slut. I’m going to take that virgin hole, after that you’ll always be my bitch. Climb up and ride it, I know you want it. All sissy fags can’t resist me. Your sister knows just what you need, just what you’ve been craving. I’m going to give it all to you until you’re screaming and moaning like the sissy you are.

Do you want to be a part of my incest sissy fantasies?

I want to live my incest sissy fantasies with you! I have the perfect outfit just for you. I’ll help you embrace your feminine side, bring out your best features with a truly life-changing makeover. You won’t even recognize yourself when I’m done with you. Let me give you a complete makeover. Hair, makeup, and clothes. I want you all dolled up for me. You’d look so pretty and perfect. I know there is a sissy faggot inside of you just waiting to come out. Let your sister show you who you can become. But once I transform you, just know that you can never go back. You’ll always be just a sissy.

Won’t you let me make you the prettiest sissy slut?


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