What fun we are having while the family is here visiting on their summer vacation. During the summer my kids and their families make time to come spend time with Grandma Frankie. During our long vacation, we have the best Incest Orgies Granny Style. If you have read any of my previous blogs you know I am all about family fun and it is a tradition for many generations in our family.

Giving my grandad a handjob is my first interaction with a cock. That day was so much fun. He and I laughing as he came again and again. From there, I learned many new skills from my parents and siblings. So now, carrying on the traditions with my own family is the best life. We love and learn together, teaching the kids how to be open to all new things.

Incest Orgies Granny Style can be epic or simple events.

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So now that my family is all here, we have rented an amazing house up north. We’re near the beach of Lake Michigan with a fabulous house full of big beds. We also have a great room that has a huge open floor area. My daughter is setting it up with blankets and pillows so we can all get involved for one of our incest orgies granny style. The kids are bouncing with excitement.

I love to be able to host the incest orgies granny style.

We all have some of our favorite toys for the fun. Each of my kids brought their own to add to the naughty fun. After all day at the beach, we all need to get food and showers. Parting ways to go to our own rooms and bathrooms to shower is first. As we each are finding our way back to the kitchen, we work out what to have for a quick dinner.

Everyone is so happy to be here together. Excitement is flowing through the house as we all prepare to play at the incest orgies granny style. Toys lube and any other items we need are set up on rug close the blanket pallet. We have individual Granny Incest Rendezvous time too, but this event is my entire clan. With the rendezvous, it is one of my kids with their family. Definitely lots of fun for all, however, the current event is more people and options for sexual debauchery.

As we are helping each other undress, I am privy to beautiful bodies of all ages.

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We get on the blankets and start with simple kissing and making out. Exploring with our mouths and hands first. I am always so proud of how my offspring turned out and then their offspring. My family is gorgeous and loving them in every way possible makes our lives so much better. I am kissing my son and his wife at the same time when I feel a smaller hand on my nipple. One of the grandkids is working their way around my body.

Oh my, that feels good!

Her small mouth soon finds its way onto the nipple and she is sucking my tits. My pussy is so wet as I enjoy the attention. I rub her body with my hands exploring every inch of her. Her pussy is tiny and bald. I love a little bald pussy so much. Soon I am able to explore her body with my mouth and make her moan out loud. I bet your cock is so hard right now.

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