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Of course, when we do fun parks, the zoo or out for dinner, we will be dressed appropriately. We all love hitting the water parks and roller coaster theme parks. Our entire family are thrill junkies. My ex-husband and I used to take the kids every summer. Now, my kids and their kids love it. Sharing the thrills gives us incredible summer break memories.

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My son’s wife, Lucy, is one sexy gal. We have a lot of fun together. Her pussy tastes so good and she has serious skills going down on me. I love to watch them with their kids as well. They love to show grandma all they have learned. All of them are growing up so quickly. The grandsons are practically adults. Furthermore, they are hung like donkeys and I am excited to get naughty with them.

Dinner is fabulous and we are all loving the gorgeous summer weather. Walking around downtown, we stop and take pictures at special spots. I love my family and I am beyond happy they are here to visit. My son suggests we head home. It is unanimous, we are all ready to get back home and jump in their Escalade. For this ride home, I am in the back with my son and his wife.

Lucy is very horny and starts making out with both of us.

As we pull in the driveway, we pull our clothes together and head inside to take this all the way. Once we are inside, we all head for the living room. Lucy and my son go right back to making out and invite the rest of us to join. Furthermore, the boys, position themselves on each side of me and begin working their hands up and down my body. Soon their lips are on mine as the three of us kiss passionately.

Lucy and Zach join us. It is a group effort as we undress each other. The clothes quickly fall to the floor. From there, we go down to the huge sectional and find ourselves intertwined with each other. Young lips, on my breasts, ribs, and legs. The boys are experts with those lips. Wow, I am getting so wet. Similarly, Lucy is kissing up the inside my legs and at my pussy in no time.

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Zach moans as Lucy takes his entire dick into her mouth. She knows all the right spots on her husband and brings him to his knees in ecstasy as she sucks and massages his penis and balls. The boys and I are exploring each other as well. I have their dicks in my hands and rotate back and forth sucking each one. They do love Grandma’s blow jobs and always have.

Lucy takes Zach to the finish line and swallows his entire load.

The two of them rejoin the three of us in a family-play orgy. While all of us are using hands, lips, tongues, and appendages to make it a blow out of epic proportions. Certainly, this granny incest rendezvous is starting with a big bang! All of us are moaning and enjoying the fun. Therefore, everyone is in the pile as we work to tease and please each other.

Our clan is all about the naughty fun. My grandma used to host an epic GILF Family Play event throughout the years. Consequently, nothing holds a candle to that wild fun!

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