The year is 1976 and it is the bicentennial celebration for the 4th of July. I am much younger and so excited about our big family get-together this year. It is at my grandparent’s place. Grandma has been planning it all year and it will be spectacular. She loves to entertain the family and provide GILF Family Play to all. Furthermore, the event will be jam-packed with so much stuff. Food, games, and lots of “special” playtime for all of us!

My grandfather has built multiple “guest” cabins on their property so everyone has a place to stay. Tons of bunks and places for us to use for our excursions. My cousins and I have always loved playing out in the barn. We don’t have to do that during this event as it is all of us together to play. The wives will be cooking for days to prepare a lot of the food. My grandad and the men will be dealing with cooking and smoking the meat outside.

GILF Family Play will be epic for this event and we are all so excited!

The first day is here and our family is arriving from all over the states. Consequently, we are not a small family, and this event is a big deal. I love seeing first cousins, second cousins, and all the aunts and uncles. Seeing how the other kids have grown is exciting. I have a special connection with my cousin Zach and he looks like a man now. Now that I have transitioned to full penetration, we will have even more fun this year!

My grandma comes up behind me and says, “That boy is one fine specimen, Frankie, let’s share him one night while he is here.” She is a spitfire and loves all things sexual. Now you see where I get it from. GILF family play is in our blood. As she walks away she pinches my butt and winks. I laugh and continue to greet all the guests with my family.

Even folks that rarely attend get-togethers are here for the bicentennial!

As everyone arrives, they are assigned an area to stay. By the time night falls, we are all out at the huge fire the men will keep burning all weekend. We have eaten and the food is to die for. We have all partaken in the yumminess and had time for our food to digest. Now that we are relaxed and all caught up, we start to head to our place for the night.

People are pairing up or going into groups. Off for the first night of “special play” time. My dad and his brother Joe will be off creating their own XXX Incest Stories. They have a BDSM bond that is usually just for them. I got to play once and loved every minute. It really isn’t my thing and Grandma has she and I have Zach for the night. He is all smiles with the situation and I know the three of us are going to have a blast.

We get to be inside in Grandma’s bedroom for our first night of fun.

Sitting on her bed, Grandma starts kissing Zach. Seems like they are really getting into it and she motions for me to join in the kiss. I lean into their lips and our tongues are touching off and on. It is very erotic and I hear Zach moan. Grandma’s hand slides up his thigh and finds his hard cock. She is rubbing him through his pants. So, then she grabs my hand and places it on his dick too. No surprise that my Granny Phone Sex is amazing with experiences like this!

Wow, he is not small. Certainly, his cock is huge! Grandma looks pleased with this revelation as we all start undressing each other. Within no time we are completely naked. Hands, mouths, and tongues exploring bodies. Furthermore, my pussy is super wet and as my fingers find grandma’s cunt, it is dripping wet with juices too. Zach’s fingers are in there with me and we both go down on Grandma. She is writhing and moaning as we bring her to a climax.

This is so much better than I expected for the GILF Family Play event!

Once Grandma has cum, she focuses on me. Hence, both she and Zach are going down on me. I am in Heaven because their tongues are like silk inside me. Hot stuff, right?! Want to know what happens next? Call me and I will give you all the juicy details!

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