Mommy and Son Play Doctor

I never imagined incest being something I’d ever commit until my son asked me to give him a physical that was required for work. Being a doctor, I had no problem taking him this afternoon after I’d finished with all of my other clients. In fact, in all the years that he’s needed physicals, I remarked on how I was surprised it took him this long to ask. I did change his diapers, after all. When I mentioned that, he let me know that things had changed a little down there since then.

My first slip-up was when I said that he was my special guy, no matter how big he got. I quickly corrected myself and clarified that I meant no matter how OLD he got. He seemed to take what I said well, but my mind had started wandering at that point. How big was he? As big as his father? Bigger? A healthy boy like him had to be rocking a pretty nice cock.

My second slip-up came after he’d gotten into his hospital gown. Hospital gowns are such a pain and more for the patient than for the doctor. While asking him routine questions, I brought that being completely nude would make my life far easier instead of having to peep through his robes to look at one body part at a time. He obliged me instantly and I got my first look in years at his thick, hot, young cock. I attempted to keep my thoughts pure but they still drifted towards the idea of me fucking and sucking that things.

“I can do a trick with my body,” He said.

“Oh yea? Let’s see.” I said, without thinking.

“Count down from 3.”

I did. And that’s when I noticed he was standing at full attention right in front of me! Worse still, he’d grabbed my hand and put it right on his cock, explaining that I was the cause! Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who had considered incest. He’d not only considered it, but committed it! He revealed stories of me coming home drunk and stroking him off. During these times he’d play with my pussy and lick my nipples, too, and we’d cum together! I turn away, not sure how to feel. I had done dirty things with him already while I was drunk. Subconsciously, I wanted him. My own son. This was dangerous. I had to think of something. But, before I could, his face planted deeply into my pussy from behind and, at that point, there was no use fighting it. I’ve always been a sucker for oral and I wasn’t about to turn it down.

My phone vibrated and I remembered that his father calls at about this time. He promised to be good while I took the call. As soon as I said hello, though, he buried his tongue deep within me. He was toying with my body while his father was on the line! And it was working because my concerns about the incest we were committing were ebbing. I started really getting into it, loving every second of his teasing.

I wish I could see the look on my husband’s face after I texted him a pic of me sucking off a thick cock after he asked how our son’s physical went. And the next picture of me with even less clothes. And then another with even less, until I finally sent him one of us on the exam table with his cock buried all the way to hilt in my tight pussy.

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