An incest love story!

Incest love story passion of a brother and sister is forever! It all started when we were kids I would see him getting out of the shower or I would walk by his room while he was changing and I just couldn’t look away there was just something about my brother that turns me on, I know its wrong but I think I might be into incest. One day as I was coming inside from swimming in our pool out back.

I was wearing a bikini that was a little too small it barely covered my fully matured tits and the bottoms went up to my ass just a little showing my tight ass cheeks. I was walking past my Big brother when all of a sudden I noticed he had a boner and he was eyeing me up and down in a way he had never looked at me before.

Suddenly I stopped where I was and I let my eyes linger to his groin and I smiled. Then I walked up to him with a little extra sway in my step. I traced my fingers along with his cock, He knocked my hand away automatically “We cant that would be incest” It was almost a yell but there was something else in his voice. “No one has to know” I whispered in his ear making sure to press as much of my body against his as I could.

An incest love story!

Then I kissed him. My brother’s kiss was a little hesitant at first then he got really into it his hands in my hair he pushed me up against a wall, His hands all over me. I could barely catch my breath. His hands found the ties on each side of the bottom of my bikini and pulled the strings and my bottoms just fell to the floor. He stepped back and looked down to see my bald pussy. His hands went between my legs and began rubbing my slit, My clit was throbbing.

My brother parted my legs and put his hands under my ass. Lifting me so that my back was against the wall and He pulled his cock out of his pants. Suddenly slammed his big cock inside of me.

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