incest is best

Why do I think incest is best? I became addicted to cock and cumming during my first time sex story. It was with Uncle Jim. I was so sheltered that I was taught to call my pussy my kitty.

I was very VERY young when I started masturbating. But no one had ever taught me that it was wrong. So, I did it any time my kitty “itched”.

It started so innocently. I was spending the night inside. And the others were all camping out at the bond fire at the edge of the forest on the far side of the pasture. Which I was not allowed to stay out for.

I had gotten a bath and dressed just in Uncle Jim’s shirt after my bath. Sitting on his knee in the darkened house watching a movie that was scary to me.

My kitty started itching so I scratched it. Putting my hand under my shirt edge I slid it to my kitty and started rubbing and scratching.

Pressing my kitty down wiggling my hips on his thigh. It was feeling so good. My breathing sped up. My face flushed. I moaned pressing down harder.

DIGGING my fingers into my pussy.

When suddenly Uncle Jim’s hand was pushing mine away from my kitty. Before I could even object his fingers were cupping my kitty rubbing in a way that my ears started buzzing. I breathed in gasps as his fingers itched my kitty but then he found something I never had.

I had no idea what was going on but it felt so good. My body shaking and trembling. Then I was overwhelmed in sheer pleasure as my entire body spasmed.

I orgasmed for the first time in my life.

When I could think again, I realized that Uncle Jim was holding me close. My face tucked into his neck and his arms around me. I instantly started begging for more. Then he carried me to his bedroom.

Uncle Jim set me on the bed pulling his shirt over my head. I started asking him to make my kitty purr again. As he undressed I was staring.

Being from the country with a creek out back of our property with lots of cousins and brothers seeing a boy’s “Pee Pee” was nothing new. But NONE had ever looked as big or stood out like Uncle Jim’s.

He climbed onto the bed with me while I stared still begging him to ich my kitty and make it purr again.

“I will be good Uncle Jim I’ll do anything Please itch my Kitty”

He just took my little hand and placed it on his cock. My delicate hand fondling his hard cock causing the tip of it to cry one tear and a wave of passion to pass over his face.

I continued to look at and admire his hard-stiff penis, rolling it around in my delicate little hand, looking at it from every angle. I asked if it hurt. He said

“You can kiss it if you want.. or lick it”

Then I started licking his cock like I would an ice cream cone. I just licked it all over as it jumping

My small hand is holding his cock and I moved my little mouth down over his cock. It’s disappeared past my pretty little red lips into my open mouth.

Now my mouth closed over it. About three inches of his cock is inside my mouth. I started to suck on it.

“Oh god!” Uncle Jim groaned

My soft little lips holding onto it while my smooth wet tongue moves up and down the shaft of my hot throbbing prick. Then my little tongue is curled around the shaft of my cock.

My lips are holding it in a kiss. The end of his dick is pushing against the top of my mouth, trying to go down my throat.

Uncle Jim’s hands grabbing my head and pushing his prick into my little mouth. Forcing the end of it down into my throat.

I could not take the entire length of it inside my mouth and throat but I tried. I was sucking on it for all I was worth.

My little tongue moving all over it, as I sucked and caresses it inside my mouth. His cock is beginning to pulsate, tightening. Then,

“Oh shit! Here it comes”.

Uncle Jim began shooting his come into little my mouth. I had nothing no idea what to do but his hands held me still so I swallowed.

I can feel the stream of come as it shoots from his dick into my little mouth. Again, and again his big hard cock tightens and shoots stream after stream of jizz into my sucking, fucking, little mouth.

My pleasure at kissing and sucking and drinking is beyond belief. My pussy throbbing and itchy as I feel his cock with every bit of my little mouth and tongue.

“Oh GOD” he roars

As I suck what comes from the end of his pulsating cock. Swallowing, sucking again, swallowing again, sucking more come out of his wildly squirting cock, then swallowing it again.

I keep playing with his, now soft, cock. The afterglow is great. Then I am sucking on it again! It’s starting to harden again! His cock is returning already, to its former hardness.

“I am going to give you a special kiss now,” He said

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incest is best
incest is best

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