Incest impregnation by daddy, I gave my daddy the best gift of all.

Incest impregnation by daddy is frowned upon by most people. Bust to me it gives me the chance to give my daddy something that he will cherish forever. This is not a tie or a stupid mug that he will use a few time than never be seen again. I am his princess and soon I will give him the gift of a son.

Every time we are alone daddy raises up my shirt and kisses my belly.

He tells my baby how much he loves him and how happy he is that he is going to have a son. Our Sunday mornings have definitely changed since I told him I was pregnant with his baby. He used to come into my bedroom and we would make love all morning long. But since my incest impregnation by daddy, he has been taking good care of me. I wake up Sunday morning to breakfast in bed, He wants to make sure I keep up on my nutrition for his princess and baby boy.

We lay in bed after breakfast and discuss all of our plans.

We tell mommy I don’t know who the father of my baby is. Then we plan out how daddy is going to tell her he isn’t happy. He will start complaining about things than eventually move out. When he gets his own place he will make a bedroom for the baby and me, But in all actuality, I will be staying in daddy’s bed and the baby will have his own room. Over the months as my belly grows from my incest impregnation by daddy we fall more in love with each other.

It kills me to not be able to be with him all the time.

I am beginning to hate mommy because she is the one standing in the way of my true happiness. Daddy has now bought a house for us and getting it all ready before he tells mommy he is divorcing her. Sometimes I sneak over there when he is working on it and we make love. We have made love in almost every room in our house already. Mom is so into baby proofing the house and getting the nursery ready for her grandson that she doesn’t even notice that daddy is gone most of the time. The arguments between mom and me were often blamed on my pregnancy hormones. I was counting down the days until I would move out.

Daddy and I had a plan.

Now that he has told mommy he wasn’t happy and he wanted a divorce he would move into his own house. Mommy is now blaming me for daddy leaving saying he couldn’t handle me bringing a new baby into the house. Well, I knew this was the furthest thing from the truth. This was an incest Things got bad at home after he left I would go to his house to get away so mommy thought. I would bring more and more of my things to his house with each visit. I was almost always moved in and my belly has grown so big due to my incest impregnation by daddy. The nursery looked so cute and I could not wait to put my precious baby in there.

On the day my water broke daddy and I were out to dinner and we went to the hospital.

Once I arrived there and got undressed daddy could not stop telling me how beautiful I was even though I knew I looked like hell. He kept telling me how proud he was of me and I did believe that. Standing by my side the whole 19 hours of labor and not leaving once proved true.

When I began to push he was right by my head caressing and kissing me.

I couldn’t be any more in love than I was right at the moment when they put my beautiful baby boy in my arms from my incest impregnation by daddy. We are on our way to having a perfect little family now. I was born to please my daddy and that is what I am going to do. We talked about having more babies soon also. And just to think, this all started with sex for fathers day. If you like to have daddy-daughter fun call me for ageplay phone sex.

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