Sex for fathers day makes daddy happy.

Sex for fathers day is good, but what if I told you this year I made sex for fathers day even better. I had a little extra surprise for him. Ever since I was a young girl mommy always worked at the hospital on Sunday mornings. So Sunday mornings officially became daddy-daughter days. We would wake up and make breakfast then eat in front of the tv. Mommy never let us do that so it was our little secret.

Over the years Daddy and I developed a lot of little secrets.

Secrets from eating in the living room to watching tv shows that “were not meant for little girls eyes” as mommy would say. Daddy always said “what mommy doesn’t know won’t hurt her” I loved by this saying as I was growing up. One Sunday, fathers day to be exact, daddy came into my room to wake me up. This was very unusual because he normally lets me wake up on my own and come down for breakfast. As I opened my eyes daddy was standing there.

He was only in his underwear.

A little confused I asked what he was doing. Explaining to me that it was fathers day and he wanted me to give him the best fathers day present ever. I was excited to do so. “Daddy, what do you want me to give you?” I asked. Daddy replied “I would love to have sex for fathers day” Having no idea what that even meant I was excited to give him whatever he wanted. I loved daddy and if daddy wanted sex for fathers day I was going to make sure he had it.

Making sure I knew that again this was our little secret and to be honest it was a little bigger than that.

No one can know about it. If anyone found out I gave daddy sex for fathers day the police would come and take him to jail and put me in a foster home and I would never see my family again. I would never want that to happen. Daddy is my hero and I could never imagine my life without him.

I pinky promised to keep this secret.

He was trusting me and I wasn’t going to let him down. Sex was not what I thought it was in the beginning. He put his dick in my mouth and tried to put it down my throat. It was so big I choked and almost threw up. Daddy didn’t care he said I was doing a good job. His dick got bigger and harder the longer he had it in my mouth.

Now it was time for him to put it in my sweet innocent virgin pussy.

It hurt so bad and I did cry. I did not like sex for fathers day. The first couple of times hurt so bad I even bled. Daddy told me it gets easier and better each time. He also said that I will eventually crave it. This I could not comprehend because it hurt so bad for days. Dady was right the sex began to feel better and I did begin to enjoy it. By the time I got into high school, I did actually crave it.

It became an every Sunday thing then became an every chance we got thing.

I really loved when we have hot steamy shower sex. The summer before my senior year daddy came into my bedroom for sex for fathers day but this time I put a twist on things. I handed him a card. He opened the card and tears filled his eyes as he looked at the picture of the ultrasound. “Happy fathers day daddy, I am going to have your baby” Mommy must never know I am having daddy’s baby.

We can’t tell her anything about daddy and me.

Everything that has happened between us during the past 10 years has to remain a secret. My baby will never know his dad is his dad. He will only know him as his grandpa. I gave my daddy the best fathers day gift ever. Even better than sex for fathers day. Read next weeks blog to see more about my baby I am going to have with daddy. If you like this then call me for no limits incest phone sex.


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