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 Incest Impregnation Caption: Grandpa’s Tight Teen Breeding Queen


My Grandaughter Marina was to stay with us for the summer, she had gotten in a bit of trouble at school for skipping classes and sneaking off with boys. To curb her of her indiscretions her father sent her to me to straighten her out. His only instructions were to straighten her out however I see fit. I suggested to her father that we do what we did to his sister and put a baby in her. We had some planning to do. Her father, my son switched out her birth control pills to fertility drugs. That week he began to sneak hormone treatments to her that made her horny all the time.

Two weeks later she was ready and was time to send her off to me. Marina showed up to my condo in a sweet little dress. Tracing her curves with my hand and she let out a small moan.  Grabbing a handful of her hair and bent her over the table and pulled up her dress. Two things stood out, one she was already wet and ready and two she wasn’t wearing any panties.

I had taken a special blue pill already and staring at her wetness had already gotten the blood flowing. I undid my pants gripped her hips and shoved my throbbing cock in her tight teen pussy. Her Velvety insides felt so good and she gasped and moan every time I moved. She began to fuck my cock back and it wasn’t long until she was pushing back.

I drained my seed into her all weekend.

After every breeding session, I would flip her over on her back and wedge her up.  Making sure she didn’t spill any of my incest impregnation caption seed and sowing an incest baby in her teen womb.  It only took that weekend to knock her up and she looks lovely carrying her grandpa’s baby.

Incest Impregnation Captions: Daddy’s Good Girl


My Daughter Mimi took to taking over all the wifely duties after my wife Susan passed away tragically. The normal cooking and cleaning and household chores came first. She raised her younger brother like her son. When Mimi was older she took on more of a wife role to me and we shared a marital bed.  When she fell pregnant the first time I packed us up bought her a ring set and we lived together in a new state as husband and wife. His brother already knew her as the mom because he was so young when his mother passed.

Mimi had our first daughter when she was 19, a son at 21 and now at 23, she is pregnant with twins. Motherhood suits her well and I love filling up my daughter with my seed.  I find her so sexy when she is with a child.  I love Taking her from behind and feeling her heavy milk filled tits bounce as we make love. Her Round tummy always turns me on.

I can’t wait to make more incest impregnation caption babies with her. I plan on breeding her as much as I can!


Incest Impregnation Captions: I’m my Big Sister’s Baby Daddy

My Sister Ali has the greatest grip when giving handjobs she has no problem spilling my seed over and over again.  We have made a pair of twins together and now we have a newborn son. Ali is insatiable and she isn’t able to have sex for 6 weeks. She has come up with a new game for herself and me to play.

Ali sits there grinding her horny pussy on my legs and jacks me off till I spill my cum all over her hands and then she starts over. Seeing how many times she can get me off. I just love watching her and her heavy milk filled tits play with my cock.  I love getting her super excited because then I can make her squirt her warm milk out of her tits.

Only 4 more weeks and then we can fuck again and make more babies. She wants to go to our local glory hole and act out a story she read.  The Impregnation Sex Stories have been her favorite lately.  I just love being her breeding bull!


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