Always a good girl, never breaking any rules but Darleen had a secret fantasy. It all stemmed from all the Impregnation Sex stories that she read. She craved her very own impregnation sex story.


Darleen’s daring impregnation: The Plan for her Impregnation sex stories

For the time being, she aimlessly rubbed that empty belly she daydreamed about getting bred and carrying a strangers baby. Darleen was in need of some major sex therapy. All Things Considered, it was risky but it excited her so much. She opened her laptop and went to the search bar. The plan that was formulated and about to be executed. Soon Darleen’s breeding ad would be public and her pussy would be full of all that baby batter. In the meantime, she began her preparations by taking her prenatal vitamins. With this in mind, she also started tracking her peak fertile days.

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A Few Weeks Later…

In the final analysis of her ad she had posted, she got many an email. After her, through checks, she had found the perfect specimen to be meet her at the local glory hole to breed her. Later on, when she arrived she went into the small room. The room was dark with crude lighting and the smell of sex. A lone light brown wooden chair sat in the corner of the room next to a cut-out. The cut out had duct tape around the edges to make it smooth. Her pocket buzzed and she reached down and pulled out her cell phone. A text came through her breeder was on the way.


Striping down in that dark room and waiting suddenly came a Buzz Buzz Buzz. She looked down at the glowing phone the text popped up it simply read Get ready I’m here.  Darleen waited by that hole and right away a nice thick 9-inch white cock slide through. It was hard and throbbing she licked her lips and her breath quivered. Her long wet pink tongue slid out of her mouth and she softly licked the tip, that nice thick meat stick throbbed as her skillful tongue went to work. Loud groans of the breeder could be heard through the wall. Darleen played with her pussy as she sucked on his hard cock. Feeling herself grow wetter she pulled off and moved the chair closer.

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This Hot Slut Craves His Impregnation Sex Stories Cum!

Lining up her wet slit with his hard throbbing cock she pushed back and her moans filled the room. She pushed back on his thick shaft slowly feeling every inch stretch her tight young pussy. Together with the chair, she was able to slowly slide herself up and down on the breeder’s cock.  Biting her lip and letting out small moans she began to move faster up and down his shaft. Big heavy balls bounced against her soft supple ass.

The Big Bang

Darleen’s moans grew louder and louder as she reached her impregnation sex stories climax. Her pussy tightening on the hard cock she was riding. The breeder started pumping his cock harder and harder in her as she came on his cock.  Suddenly a gush of warm fluid filled her waiting fertile womb. Each pump of cum caused his to let out a loud moan and thrust deeper until he was right against her cervix to pump each potent line of seed directly into her womb, for this reason, her legs quaked.

Smiling to herself she kept him pressed in her until he went soft and slid out. as a rule, she emailed him letting him know that she was truly thankful to him for giving her the growing baby in her womb. For now, she was content with one child. She would grow restless again soon and for this purpose have to schedule another breeding for more impregnation sex stories.

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