I’m such a dirty little incest slut. 

I love fucking my Daddy. I love fucking my brother. But this week I did something I’ve never done before- I fucked BOTH of them on the same night! My mom is on some kind of tropical cruise; she’s always finding new and creative ways to spend my Daddy’s money. I can’t say much though, because then again, so do I! =) Incest is so much fun!

I’m not what you would call a gourmet chef, but I managed to whip up a pretty decent dinner to have waiting on him when he got home. My Daddy loves my lasagna. And really, when your dinner is served to you by your hot little taboo incest slut, body all wrapped up in a filmy black baby doll nightie – how good does the food HAVE to be? You know you’re going to taste something far sweeter later!

And he did. 

I had just satisfied Daddy’s sweet tooth for his little girl when my brother came home unexpectedly! He is away at college, and didn’t tell anyone he would be spending the weekend at home! Thank GOD he got home after the Daddy/daughter incest tryst was over. Otherwise, there might have been a family drama! Neither of them knows I’m fucking the other.

My brother came into my room to find me burrowed under the covers, still naked from my fun with Daddy. He lifted the blanket and smiled when he saw I was naked, asking how I knew he would be coming home to claim his little sis’s hot pussy. I smiled and told him that his slutty sister’s pussy knows when her perfectly matched cock is close by!

As he slid into bed with me and kissed me, Daddy’s cum was still running down my thighs. 

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