Now that I am legal, I am dating a guy that is in his 20’s. Of course, I am still the naughty cum slut you all still love. He is coming on our incest camping trip this week.

It is me, my parents and my guy, Jax. I know we are going to have so much fun! And, it gives him a chance to really get to know my parents. He already knows what dirty girl I am.

Furthermore, he knows the incest history in our family. So, that won’t bother him at all. Both my parents are smokin’ hot, so I know he will love playing with them.

One thing I will find out on this incest camping trip is whether he plays with guys.

We are still new in the relationship and haven’t had that discussion yet. Of course, I figure the easiest way to find out is to bring him on this trip. Hahaha. Hopefully, it won’t overwhelm him.

I already know it won’t. He is so cool. Jax is laid back and into lots of kinky shit, just like me. Chances are he will be totally into the entire thing and have as much fun if not more than me.

In fact, he may take over our incest camping trip with his amazing sexual skills. His cock is huge and I know my mom is going to love riding that dick. Of course, Dad will love sucking him off with me.

Our time out in the wild is going to be incredible.

He and I have been talking about me growing up as a daddy-pleasing incest daughter. I am always very open with guys I date. They need to know who I am. That way if we get serious they know all about me.

No surprises later on in the relationship. I hate that stuff. If a guy does that to me, there are no second chances. I am so ready for this incest camping trip. Moreover, I believe it will bring him and my parents together.

In more ways than one. Hahaha. I want them to get along as I really like this guy. Perhaps, Jax will start sharing his secrets with me on this trip. I know he has his kinky side too.

My hope is that our incest camping trip brings that side out of him and he opens up.

Once we get settled at the campsite, Jax and my dad go off to find wood. Mom and I start prepping for dinner. My parents have a nice camper we take on the trips.

Although, we love fucking under the stars, sometimes it is safer to fool around inside the camper. Especially, during this incest camping trip and us planning a full-on orgy with the four of us.

After dinner, we are all having a drink and feeling frisky. Mom and Dad are making out and so are Jax and me. Mom suggests we move inside the camper. We do just that.

Once in the camper, Mom and I start undressing Jax first and Dad next.

After we undress them, we undress each other, making out as we do that. I love kissing my mom and exploring her body with my mouth and hands. Jax is rubbing his cock.

My dad leans over and starts stroking Jax as they are watching us and he calmly lets him. Mom and I move onto the bed with them. Mom and I are laying face to face with Dad behind me and Jax behind Mom.

This incest camping trip is getting off to a super kinky start! Of course, if you want to know all that happened, you need to call me. I promise you will get the best phone sex ever!

Sexy FinDom Brat