Incest addiction: Daddy’s little girl just loves his morning wood

The bond between daddy and daughter is one like no other. It’s even more special if daddy wakes up every morning thinking about his little girl and takes care of her first thing. Some people are addicted to caffeine or nicotine, but having an incest addiction is one of the naughtiest, most amazing things of them all.

When daddy would wake up I would usually still be sleeping. He would come into my room and wake me up to his morning wood. That was the beginning of my incest addiction. Daddy would slide underneath my covers from the foot of the bed and crawl right between my legs. His tongue, working my tight little pussy getting it wet and ready for his cock. I loved the way he would slide his wet warm tongue slowly up my slit and work it all around my clit. Then he would slide it back down and tongue fucks my cunt while he rubbed my clit with his finger making me cum before he ever put his cock inside me.

I always knew that he loved to eat my pussy for his pleasure, not just to make it wet. There was just something special about the way he did it. It was never rushed or controllable. He ate my pussy until he was satisfied and I absolutely loved it! I honestly couldn’t choose which I liked more if I had to between his tongue and his cock. Both of them made me feel amazing and one of them alone was enough to make me cum over and over.

I just loved the two as a pair, just the way that he always gave them to me!

After he was satisfied with the way he licked my pussy and made me cum on his tongue, he was ready to give me his big hard cock! It was always really big and super hard rubbing across my thigh up to my pussy as he slid his way up my body. He told me to call it his morning wood since it was hard as wood knocking to get into my pussy. He would tap his hardwood on my pussy and ask me to let him in. We had a good laugh before things got serious.

That was my sign to spread my legs nice and wide for him and relax so he could slide inside of me. I did exactly that, and he slid his hard cock inside me nice and slowly while I clenched my fingers in the sheets. His stroke was slow and long at first, very gentle. After a while, he would speed it up and kiss me while he fucked me a little harder. I could hear him moaning and feel him trembling when he was close to cumming. That’s when I would lift my legs higher and let him slide in deeper so I could feel that warm oozing sensation when he filled me up with his cum.

Now as I said before, everyone has some sort of addiction.

The thing is, some are on the kinky side and some are not. Which side are you on? Do you enjoy the adrenaline rush from the coffee in the morning? Would you rather enjoy the rush from pumping your hard morning wood inside some tight young pussy? Maybe even both! The incest addiction is far more exciting and it feels better than any caffeine rush.

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