I have family that I’ve never even met before and one time at a family reunion when I was 16, I accidentally did “stuff” with a distant cousin. He was like my fifth or sixth cousin (or so I think, it could be more), but when we hooked up, we didn’t know we were related.  We got in early to the Southern town where the family reunion was going to take place and since I didn’t even know any of my distant relatives, when I met a hot guy at the local burger joint, I didn’t think anything of it. He was just another cute 17-year-old who looked like a model. He was very sexy and the All-American type and I couldn’t resist flirting a bit.

We exchanged digits and then made plans to meet the next day at the local mall to see a movie. When I got there I practically melted ever time he looked at me with his baby blue eyes. While watching some dumb flick, we went to go eat and talked about everything and anything. He had his own car and he offered to drive me back to my hotel and I accepted. While on the drive back, we passed a really cool field of sunflowers and I made him pullover to take a closer look. I couldn’t resist grabbing a couple of my all-time favorite flowers. As we got out, he picked a few for me and when he gave them to me, he kissed me. I didn’t stop him and passionately kissed him back.

When he started to go under my shirt to feel my tits, I got the hint and started to feel his dick over his pants. It was rock hard and I was getting horny. I had only had sex a few times so I wasn’t sure what to really do. I let him take the lead and he was ready to go! As he was feeling me up, his hands made their way into my pants and he slid his hands down into my panties. At first he started touching my pussy on the outside of my panties, but once I started shivering in pleasure, he got the hint and moved his hands inside.

I then moved mine inside his pants and started to jack him off as he fingered me in the field of flowers under the moonlight. We were both so in to it that we didn’t care that we didn’t have a blanket or towel and just decided to get down in the open field. He continued to bang me until I came and then he took off his pants and told me to do the same. I went one step further and took off my blouse, but kept my bra on. He was completely naked and soon got on top of me, but not before getting a condom from his pants that were a few inches from us. He obviously knew what he was doing and I didn’t mind. He was too hot to resist with his rock-hard abs and his sexy cock. I knew it was going to hurt a bit  because his cock was bigger than any guy I  had fucked before, but id didn’t tell him anything and took the pain as he entered me. We were in missionary position and he was jack-rabbiting me hard. After a while, the pain went away and he got into a better groove and it started to feel good.

I was feeling adventurous and told him I wanted to ride him. So there I was in a field of sunflowers on top of the hottest guy I’d ever met. I decided to take off my bra and join in on his nakedness and fondled my breasts for him as I gyrated on top of him in a pleasing motion. I rocked up and down his hard cock as he continued to squeeze my ass, telling me to go faster and faster. I obliged and came in a matter of minutes. He then told me he wanted to bend me over so we changed positions and he fucked me from behind. All of a sudden, I felt his finger in my ass and he whispered in my ear that he wanted to stick his dick in my ass. I was sort of scared but said yes and he changed up the hole, which made me scream in pain. He asked me if I wanted to stop and I said no, enduring it until he came a few moments later.

After we got dressed and then he drove me back to the hotel, telling me he’d love to see me before I went home. We made plans to go out the day before I had to leave. But to my surprise, I was introduced to him as my cousin the next day at the reunion!!. We just had an awkward smile and said nothing to each other the entire time. I left back home and haven’t heard from him since, but I do have to admit that it was great sex! Even if it was incest.


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