Explosions in the sky.

The Fourth of July has always been a holiday I hold close to my heart. It wasn’t until one summer that those explosions in the sky made me have feelings elsewhere. Watching them shoot up into the air and burst into all of the bright, pretty colors have made my body tingle since I can remember. The smell of flames burning and then coming to an end has sort of a double meaning. The summer is just getting started with many more to come, but the flings that come with it can be even more of a  short-lived sizzle than the season itself.

I had just graduated high school.

Top of my class, I hadn’t spent a lot of time with boys my age. So focused on schoolwork, I was the president of every club possible!  I was a late bloomer, only filling out the summer before this one. Boys started to notice me, and my male teachers did too. There was one teacher, in particular, Mr. Johnson. I had a bit of a schoolgirl crush, and he seemed to pay attention to me more than the others. As valedictorian, I gave a speech at graduation. I congratulated my fellow classmates as we cheered and tossed our caps in the sky.

The first week of summer was a bit of a lull.

I was finally enjoying some good rest and relaxation but also looking forward to my new summer job before freshman year in college. I decided to be a lifeguard. Always loving the ocean, I finally had the body to fill out a swimsuit. On my first day out, the fourth of July, I saw Mr. Johnson swimming alone, enjoying the waves. I paid close attention, trying hard to not get lost in the beautiful shapes the clouds were making in the sky. I couldn’t help but hope that he would look up and enjoy the view of the pretty gap between my tan thighs.

Suddenly, I couldn’t see him.

I stood up on my tower to get a better view. Looking up in the sky, I prayed everything would be ok. I jumped off my tower and rolled into the sand, beginning my sprint towards the water. I dove in when I was close enough and finally saw him, getting crushed by the waves. His swim trunks were caught on coral. I pulled him onto the sand and began CPR. His eyes finally opened, allowing me to see those pale baby blues so close for the first time. I couldn’t stop staring and tasting my salty lips that had just pressed against his.

He ran his hand through my hair gently.

We spent the rest of the day together on the beach until the sun went down. He asked if I had plans and I said “Not yet!” He told me to wait up in my tower and that he would be right back. When he returned he brought a bottle of champagne and two glasses. The fireworks were about to begin and we had the best seat in town. My little private hut in the sky paired with my school crush was just too much dream of.  He leaned in and kissed me as the fireworks in the sky began to go off. He laid me down and…

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