Be honest, learning new ideas for naughty playtime is always exciting right?

Improve your sex life, try new positions, new toys, This blog comes after I spent the weekend on a girls trip. Girls are very chatty and like to talk about a lot of things, well, most of us do. Cynthia and I talk about everything, there are no taboo subjects with her and I. Now, Kelly, on the other hand, is a little more on the quiet side and doesn’t like to open up about things.

Somehow we got her to talk about her sex life and OMG this girl needs help.

This weekend has officially turned from girls weekend to an improve your sex life weekend. After listening to her tell us that she has no sex toys or has never used any, I wasn’t sure if she was serious or not. Apparently, she was. We spent the first night talking about all of the toys and what they did. Every time we would talk about something her reply would be “that is just weird to me” Gentleman I am sorry but I do have to say if you are not incorporating toys in your sex life you need to start. I told her that one of the easiest ways to make me cum is to fuck me with a vibrator while licking my clit. This will do it every time and then when we have sex my man can cum whenever he wants because he knows that I already orgasmed.

Cynthia asked Kelly if her husband, Keith, cums before her.

And if he does does he make sure to continue when she doesn’t cum. When she told us that she doesn’t know if she has ever cum before my jaw hit the ground. How do you not know this? It is time to get serious with the improve your sex life weekend. 36 years old and been married for 15 years and not sure if you have ever cum before. I asked her how she didn’t know. If you have ever cum before you would know. This brought on so many more questions. Like, have you ever made yourself cum? Has your husband ever said he loves the taste of your cum?

Well, I can honestly say I am not sure how this marriage has lasted.

He does not eat pussy and she has never masturbated. Guys, please for the love of God make sure you make sure your ladies cum. Trust me if you do they will want to please you more. We needed a field trip. A credit card in hand, off we go to the adult sex store. Since Kelly had no idea about any of this and seemed overwhelmed when we were trying to explain everything to her we had to choose for her. Improve your sex life with a bottle of lube, we grabbed her an edible so she could use it with her husband when she got home.

We decided to stay with the basics since she was considered a beginner to all of this. We made her buy a basic vibrator with a clitoral stimulator. When we arrived back at the cottage we told her to go play and take pictures for her husband. She had no clue how to do that and actually seemed horrified at the thought about. Ok, we are going to have to hold her hand through all of this.

Improve your sex life by listening to us.

Ordering her to take a shower and shave her pussy. I don’t think that it has ever seen a razor. Her husband probably couldn’t find her clit even if he tried to. We had to help her with that too. So she is all shaven and ready to go. Laying her on the bed I held her phone aiming right at her pussy and began to video and take pictures as Cynthia showed her how to work that vibrator in and out of her pussy.

She came so quick and hard, her body began to shake as she reached her orgasm.

We took the video and sent it to Keith and waited for a reply. He called instantly and told her that he was so turned on by that video and he wanted to make her cum like that. Kelly packed up and went home. Improve your sex life weekend was a success. Next girls weekend Cynthia and I will tell her how sex is my ultimate weapon and teach her how to do that. You guys all know that a girl who can rock your world in bed has used sex as her weapon. Keep your females happy this way you do not end up with a cheating wife.

There are always ways to improve your sex life, don’t get stuck in a rut.

Do you want to hear what happened when Kelly got home?

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