My Impregnation sex story

It’s crazy and it’s kinky but would you expect anything less of me? My impregnation sex story wouldn’t be as hot without my kinky twisted ways. I have always wanted to be knocked up but I still had things to do on my bucket list. Why not combine some things, like go to a tropical island and get knocked up. It was my vacation to the Bahamas, it’s beautiful, tropical and I’m all alone. Are you thinking exotic sex? Because that’s exactly what I thought of looking at the water from the tiki bar. I literally had visions of having sex on the beach. I’m not opposed to being thrown down in the sand and fucked. There is also the water, sex in the ocean could be fun, or maybe I’ll meet someone with a yacht. My mind floods with places and visions of me having sex in crazy positions.

I’m craving cum inside me. I feel my pussy ache for the cum of a man. I’m already picturing his cum squirting inside me and filling me up. Then I sat back scoping the area for available men. Let’s just say the visions were that good! It’s a Monday so I don’t expect much but then the bartender serves me a drink. It’s a drink I didn’t order but the bartender points out who bought it. He’s young, cute and stupid he’ll never know what I’m up to. We walk along the beach, he holds my hand, and he’s pretending to sweet talk me. I let him do his thing but in the end all I want is his sperm inside me. He walks me to my room and I jump his bones. We are tearing off each other clothes while shoving each other against the walls.

Sex with strangers

He’s fucking me against the wall while my legs are wrapped around him. I can’t tell you how many times I came but I know he filled my pussy up. The next day I go back to the bar looking for my next guy. It’s a Tuesday and the options aren’t very thrilling. But the bartender on the other hand he’s a catch. It wasn’t hard to flirt my way in his sights and after the bar closed I stayed. I’m sitting on the bar and he’s between my legs. He tried pulling out a condom but that’s no fun. I like it bareback. And to get pregnant I need it bareback. I rip the condom out of his hand and grab his cock with my hand. My pussy is wet and I rub his dick against it. I tell him to fuck me.

And after he feels my wet cunt against his cock he forgets about the condom. He thrust inside me, and when he thrust he goes deep inside. His balls slap against my ass, his cock is throbbing inside and I have already came three times. He bends me over one of the tables in the bar. Now his balls slap against my clit as he continued to thrust inside me. And when he came, it was like an explosion. One huge cream pie. But he’s not the best one in this impregnation sex story, even though he was amazing.  The next day going back to the bar I was confident one of the guys had knocked me up. Then I met a single dad vacationing with his family. Obviously his family was off exploring the island. We had some drinks and shared some stories.

The one that knocked me up

He’s a dad so he can definitely knock me up. We were chatting so much we lost track of our drinks and got drunk. I couldn’t let him go back to his family drunk so I brought him back to my room. And if your wondering, yes I took advantage of him. He was so drunk it was easy to climb on top of him and drain his big dick. I didn’t just get one load I got a couple. Did you like my impregnation sex story? I have many stories to tell including a story where I’m begging for anal. Let’s share stories and make this the best phone sex experience of you life.