Impregnation Sex Stories were in the making the minute my new naughty neighbor invited me over. Of course, when we first met it was all so innocent.  We were just getting to know each other on a strictly platonic level.   One day while sunbathing in my backyard, he leaned over the fence and invited me to have a swim in his pool.  It was hot as hell outside, so I accepted. I mixed up a pitcher of strong margaritas and came on over. Over the cold pitcher of margaritas, we got to know each other a lot better.

I loved sharing stories of our past, while the cool margarita’s worked their magic.  Since it was my first time coming over without his wife being home, I asked where she was.  Now, I knew the answer to the question because I saw her loading up her SUV with what looked like enough clothes for a month.  He told me that her sister just had a baby and she decided that she was going to help her for a few weeks.   I won’t deny that it made me happy that she would not be there for the next few weeks. It was time to put the impregnation sex stories in motion.

Impregnation sex stories at the pool

After finishing our pitcher of margaritas we slid into the pool.   As my white bikini got wet,  my nipples stiffen and began to poke through.   His eyes were glued to them, and I loved it.   Knowing that heifer of a wife could never look so fucking hot in a swimsuit, I knew I had him right where I wanted him.   Impregnation sex stories were not only my craving but his cock craved it too.

I swam over to him and pressed my wet body against his.  When he did not pull away I wrapped my legs around his waist and began to kiss him.  He welcomed my tongue and began to palm and caress my ass.   He then positions me so that I could feel his hard cock and boy was it hard.

I needed him inside me

Hungry to taste my breast he quickly pulled my bikini top off and began to feast on my nipples.   His cock was so hard that it was threatening to rip through his swimming trunks.  We both removed our bottoms that were holding us back.   He lifted me out of the water to the side of the pool and began to eat my pussy.   After cumming all over his handsome face, I knew one thing for sure.  I needed his cock inside me now.

He pulled me back down into the water and I kissed my juices off his lips.  I grabbed his cock and put it between my pussy lips and he pushed every inch of his cock inside.   Riding on his cock was amazing.  It was perfect for the impregnation sex stories that I had been thinking about.

My wet pussy gripped around his cock.   My hip thrust matched his aggressive rhythm. I could feel him increasing his stroke, so I wrap and lock my legs around his waist.  He screams “I am going to cum”  my response was  “Yes, Give me all that baby batter”.

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