Impregnation Sex Stories are so hot, I get turned on at the thought of having a man’s baby.

I love Impregnation Sex Stories. It’s a constant daydream for me! I want him to watch my belly stretch and get taught after he fills me with his load.   The thought of seeing him stare in wonder at my expanding belly, filled with his seed.  I would love to dance around the house while cleaning. Bouncing my belly as I move from room to room.  He would get so hot knowing that that belly, my body, is all his!!

He might walk over and grab my belly and start kissing it, while he slides his hand under it and into my pussy!  We’d have such hot sex!!  He’ll feel how wet and tight I am for him.  I know he would want to lay me down on our bed and suck and squeeze my big juicy, milk filled tits before he kisses his way under my belly, to my tasty little pussy.  He’ll know that these nights are his impregnation sex stories, he filled me up and made me his!

Impregnation sex stories would inspire him to unload his seed in me, and turn him on every time he saw my belly grow!

He would take time to lick every inch of my wet, subtle slit  He would spread me wide open and taste the way his load in me changed even my taste.  His tongue would glide around my clit.  It would plump up for his skilled tongue and he would get stiff looking up at my belly while he licked me.  He would glide his fingers deep into me and work my pussy until it sprayed all over his face!

I just know he would love my pregnant body underneath him taking another one of his cum shots.  He would lay me on my back and watch my round belly and bulbous tits bounce for him. With every thrust, he would make my strong pussy muscles tighten around his, big, stiff cock!!  I would try reaching to rub my clit, but he would start moving his fingers around it like a gentleman! He would look down at how hard my pussy squirts all over his cock and he would fill my belly up with his load again!!

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