Impregnation sex stories

God, I love the feel of a cock exploding in my pussy… that’s why I love Impregnation sex stories. Now do not get me wrong. I prefer to be on birth control. AND in a stable long-term relationship before I allow a guy to cum in me. I mean I am a smart lady and do not have unprotected sex with strangers… usually.

LOL but occasionally I will get a temporary lover that will play a nasty trick on me. Intelligently I KNOW it’s wrong of them. But I just love the feel of a guy’s cock shooting cum deep into me. My pussy is so tight and when I cum the muscles clench hard enough to push a cock out. BUT lol if he can cum as I am cumming I can feel every surge of cum up his shaft. And feel it as it hits my pussy walls.

Lord loves me. But it adds an extra thrill, a surge of excitement when I realise I am feeling him cum. Maybe we started fucking and the condom broke. But to be honest what has happened most often is that he was stealthing.

That is when a guy non-consensually removes a condom during sex. LOL, God knows my pussy gets wet enough to never need lube as long as I am turned on. So it is easy to not notice a condom being gone. My cunt slime keeps the cock sliding in and out of my pussy no matter how tight.

I bet that stealthing causes many impregnation sex stories that moms must tell the kids of the future. And that is one thought that makes my pussy hummmmmm.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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