Impregnation Fetish with a gorgeous Latino!

Impregnation Fetish with a gorgeous Latino! Give me your babies! I have had baby fever lately! All my friends are having kids around me and it makes me want to feel my body change and glow like a pregnant woman. One of my friends said her nipples were so tender that she nearly came putting her bra on. So I met this super sexy Latino guy with a nice body and decent cock. Not the biggest I have ever had but he sure knows how to use it. His name is Jesus and we decided to try for a baby and if it works then we will get married.

I love the idea of our naughty arrangement and tho he gets off from the idea of getting me pregnant I think it’s me with the Impregnation fetish right now. Just the thought of a hot thick creamy load entering me deep inside makes me explode knowing he could get me pregnant. Also, the thought of my tits getting huge and being sensitive makes me wet like just one lick on my tender nipple and you will make thing low clinch tight. I am pretty sure I would look absolutely adorable with a baby bump too.

Impregnation Fetish with a gorgeous Latino!

So I just want you to imagine you are him and you get to be the one to impregnate me. No condom just flesh to flesh and we cum together knowing that you are going to give me your babies. I will be begging you to cum inside of me as I grind down on your cock at the moment of climax. All I can feel is warm squirt after warm squirt of cum milking my cunt deep into my uterus!

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