Impregnation Fetish is a hot topic that men love to explore.  The impregnation fetish can be explored on a variety of levels.  Lactation, swollen bellies, as well as sensitive nipples are hot topics. Men have always been turned on by the glow of a pregnant woman for years.

BBC impregnation fetish seems to have a lot of men curious. Back in high school my friends devised a plan.  We made a pact to get knocked up by BBC.  (Wicked LiL Laugh)  We would fuck all the players on the Basket Ball team and get pregnant. A little game of BBC Roulette.  Our Motto “Suck It and Fuck it”  Bam in one Shot, in goes the load.  The donor of cum was black and anonymous. It was too late for our parents or the school to do anything.  The “BBC Teen Moms” were born.  Nine months later an interracial baby would enter the world.

One afternoon we made a game plan.  Total afternoon of sucking and fucking the team in the boys locker room.  The sounds that escaped through out the school, were echoes of complete ecstasy. Derek was my first unsuspecting victim.  Sucking his big 10 inch cock came naturally.  His cock was perfect, as I swallowed down every inch. I couldn’t resist fucking his BBC bareback like a whore in heat. I told him I wanted him to get me pregnant and only his dick was good enough.  Only good enough to dump his black seed into my wet pussy. At first he panicked and tried to push me off.   My pussy felt so good squeezing his cock, it turned him on. “That’s right, fuck me and fill me with your cum. Knock me up with your big black cock and cum.

It wouldn’t be long before I would be showing. My tits grew bigger and heavier, as my stomach grew rounder, firmer with tender nipples. Now that I was pregnant my pussy was a black cock magnet. I wanted cock deep in my holes 24-7.  I wanted cock more and more the further I got along in my pregnancy. Being fucked from behind, while my milk filled tits bounced was a total turn on.

Needless to say…This was the start of my impregnation fetish.  What about you?   Do you have an impregnation fetish you would like to share?

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