Impregnation was the only naughty thought consuming my mind.  They were my next victims. He was a BBC cuckold lover and she was his nympho wife. It’s always nice to watch a woman getting fucked and then made to take a load of cum all over her face. It’s even better to watch your wife or girlfriend getting her pussy filled with BBC spunk. The power of a throbbing big black cock pounding woman’s fuck holes, filling her with his jizz. A desert no man could refuse, a muff exploding with cum, the perfect creampie, and wet panties.

I met Brady and his wife Laurel at one of our weekend beach parties. She captured the attention of every man with her beauty. She was so alluring, she even captivated me with her luscious curves and beautiful blonde hair. It didn’t take her long to show her true colors. She started to expose her promiscuous side with each shot of Fireball. I could resist the temptation of making her, my next victim. Breaking her of her perfect untouchable high-class world.

I wanted to breed her and impregnate her with a load of big black cock cum.

This was an easy conquest. As soon as, I introduced Lamont to Laurel she fell weak to his charm. Not only was he charming, but he was also very sexy and direct.  His intentions were very clear to all the couples I introduced to him. Laurel couldn’t resist keeping her hands off his muscles, especially the throbbing muscle in his pants.

She was mesmerized by his every being and would do anything he commanded. “Drop to your knees and suck my big black cock.” he directed. Without hesitation, she dropped and released his monster cock of 12 inches. Looking up at him with her big blue eyes, licking and sucking it like a hungry she-devil that hadn’t been fed in months.

Brady watched, as Lamont dominated his wife and made her his Queen of spades. No longer would she be the queen of high society, rather she would be Lamont’s cum dumpster bitch. He wrapped his hands around her luscious long blonde hair and force fucked Laurel’s face without remorse. Slapping his black cock against her hungry lips and bouncing his chocolate balls against her chin.

Just the sounds of her gagging on his cock excited Brady.

He couldn’t resist stroking his cock, he was a BBC Cuckold Lover, as he watched his wife get used by a big black stud. Brady knew that Lamont would be the perfect bull to impregnate his wife.  They were the perfect couple for this experience.  This was only the beginning of what I had planned for them.   Echoes of pleasure filled the night air, as Lamont filled Laurel’s mouth and pussy with his big black cock.  Want to know if the bull gets the horny wife pregnant? Ready for more in-depth details? You know what to do…..

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