BBC Cuckold Lover Impregnation Part 1

The impregnation of Laurel was Lamont’s final mission.  The past few hours were spent enforcing his male dominance as the Bull.  Each played a very important role in this new-found relationship. Lamont, as the male stud, continued using and abusing his new queen of spade’s Laurel.  Brady was the cuckold husband who enjoyed sharing his nympho wife with all men, especially BBC. This new twisted and taboo relationship was just the beginning an adventure – an adventure where impregnation would be the final out-cum.  

Laurel couldn’t get enough of Lamont’s rock hard throbbing black cock.  Sucking his cock and balls made her feel like his submissive slave.   She loved giving him the power to take over her and her body.  It was no longer her choice.  He dominated her, forcing his rock hard throbbing big black cock deep into her tight wet cunt. She couldn’t fight him off.  She didn’t want to fight him off. She moaned in pure ecstasy while humiliating her little dick husband.  Between moans of pleasure, she told Brady he was a pathetic little fuck and incapable of meeting her needs as a woman.  This excited him even more,  Brady continued to stroke his pale little cock faster and in perfect rhythm of each thrust.  I couldn’t help taunting and teasing the little cock stroker “you are a pathetic little did fuck.  A real man with a big black cock is penetrating and pleasing your wife’s pussy.”

The smell of sex filled the air.  Their hormones took over their every being.  Laurel wanted every inch, “fuck me harder you stud! Put a mother fucking baby deep in my twat.  I want your baby.  I want all of you, every inch of your big cock deep in my tunnel” she yelled, as she backed up against his thick black man meat.  Deeper – harder with each long hard thrust impregnation would be inevitable.  The cuckold lover watching and waiting, as the big black cock penetrated his wife with the final thrust.  It wouldn’t be long before his lover, his wife would be impregnated by another man’s seed.

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