It was like playing Russian Roulette – Impregnation with a kinky little twist. His cock was like a loaded gun ready to explode.  All I wanted was his hot cum. This was a devious little game I started playing with my fuck buddy Ashton. We would fuck like rabbits any chance we could find.   I couldn’t control myself and I couldn’t hold back – we didn’t have condoms.  What to do?   Just this once, I thought we would fuck bareback. There was something so exciting about having sex without a condom. I couldn’t resist the temptation.  Fucking without a condom made sex intense. Well it became a game, like playing Russian roulette. We started caring less about the risk and more about the desire to see this primal instinct to the end.

The new deal was Ashton would spontaneously fuck me bareback. Fucking me so intense and pulling out at the last-minute. He was being a pussy about cumming inside me.  Other times he would fill me up like a little cum dumpster. I couldn’t get enough of him or his cum – I wanted it all. Wanting a baby in my belly is all I wanted. Finding myself panting, gasping and pleading him to cum inside me. Needing and I wanting to feel his cock pulse and throb inside me. Couldn’t resist the temptation to wrap my long legs tightly around his body. Holding him so tight, that’s right, he couldn’t pull out of my pussy. I was a devious little slut, hungry for cum and the desire to get pregnant.

Yes, I knew I was manipulating him and his throbbing hard cock. Yes I was being selfish and I didn’t care. This was all about me. I wanted him to explode deep inside me. I wanted to feel his hot splash of semen erupt deep inside my fuck tunnel. Even if the outcome was me getting pregnant.

At first this was a twisted control game. Finally it turned Ashton on so much, that he gave into my needs and what I wanted. Our fuck sessions were spontaneous bareback fucking anywhere, anytime. I wanted to fuck morning, noon and night. Caring was not the first thing on my mind. This was my mission. It was finally so obvious, Ashton gave into my twisted impregnation needs. He couldn’t get enough of fucking me. His body took over mine, as he took me from behind deep and hard. “Cum inside me. Deep inside me!” Squealing, as I forced myself back on his cock.

His thrusts increased deeper, he was determined to seal the deal. He exploded like a mad man inside my pussy. The risk of him impregnating me excited and turned me on beyond belief. Was this the final game of Russian roulette impregnation? Want to know the out-cum? Ready for the intense details??

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Kiss Kiss