Impregnating the babysitter is something that you could only dream about.

Babysitting for you is something that had been happening for many years. You had a crush on me for all those years. It started even since your wife interviewed me. Her interview was filled with detailed questions. But you were focused on only one thing, and that one thing is me. Sexy adult sex stories filled your mind with dirty thoughts. I didn’t mind though. I spent so many years flirting with you…tempting you but you never took the bait…until one night when you did, and that is how you impregnating the babysitter happened!

But one day I decided that that was enough. It was time for me to have you. I had waited so many years and had grown so tired of just teasing you and catching you peeking at me. I wanted you to fill me up with all your cum and I was not going to stop until I drained every last drop of cum from your balls. So, the next time your wife called to book me, I was ready. I came over wearing such a short skirt with a black leotard tucked in that completely showed off my back. I was almost nervous that your wife would say something. But she was way too focused on making game night plans with her friends.

You tried to stay behind as long as you could before your wife dragged you out the door.

I knew exactly what would happen though. It wasn’t long at all before you and your wife came home. She stumbled through the front door and practically crawled up the stairs. She always got way too drunk at game night, and I had a feeling you even pressured her into drinking more than usual, judging by the shape she was in. That’s okay though. I don’t mind a man who likes to play dirty.

Once she was all the way upstairs, you try to make small talk with me. But I had a busy night taking care of your bratty offspring to bother with that. I push you up against the front door and start kissing you. Right away, your hands move down my body and are underneath my small little skirt in no time. You just couldn’t help yourself. You didn’t even know that shortly you would be impregnating the babysitter. I could feel your hard cock pressing against me, and I couldn’t wait any longer.

I had you on the couch in no time, and your cock was already so hard that it just slid inside my soaking wet pussy.

It got me so horny to think about your wife upstairs snoozing away, having no idea what her husband was doing to the babysitter. Your hand is wrapping in my long blonde hair, just pulling me down deeper on your cock. I knew you were about to fill me up with all your cum, and oops… I completely forgot about protection! Who knew game night meant you would be impregnating the babysitter!

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