It was the Holiday work Christmas party. Mike was a true Hottie.  He already had the reputation of a person who was impregnating friends wife before. Tall, Dark & Handsome. Looking in his Big Blue Eyes I could see my anyone could fall into his Breeding trap. Three wives have shown up with babies of his. Did he have some kinda Pregnancy Fetish? I knew to lust after him was a mistake, There was just something about him that I couldn’t resist.  The way he talks, The way he walked, His touch I wasn’t for sure what it was. He just demanded attention & I couldn’t help but giving it to him.

Mike was heavily flirting with all the girls at the Party.

Handing Drinks to them caressing their necks. Touching their small of their backs. You could tell he was working the room picking out his next victim. He was on his fifth drink & you could tell he needed a woman to satisfy his needs. I walked over to him knowing Id take his seed tonight. Actually even wanting too! I started flirting with him biting my lip, brushing up against him, and laughing at his jokes. He would walk away and like a puppy dog, I’d follow. Of course not picking up on the hints I was dropping. I wanted his cock and I wanted it bad! I wanted to be his little fuck slut for the night.

Mike walked away again

I decided it just wasn’t going to happen tonight. He just had his eye on someone else. The night went on I had Tom hitting on me, but Kassidy liked him. So I wasn’t going to touch him! I ditched him and went to the bathroom. As I was walking out II saw Mike walking by. Here was my chance. I followed him to the basement. Was he about to go impregnating friends wife? This was going to be perfect. As I walked down the stairs I heard Mike talking to someone. Fuck! Who knows maybe Ill get lucking and its a friend of his and I can get two cocks!

I peek into where Mike was and to my shock, he was with Mrs. Jones! Our Bosses wife! she had to be 60 yrs old. However, the moans she was releasing from Mike Eating her ass out in front of the Christmas tree would have told you differently. She was faced ass up and had Mike’s tongue deep in her tight asshole. As Mike tongued her ass he had his cock jerking it hard. I know its not right but I couldn’t help but get turned on. I leaned up against the wall as I lifted up my skirt. Pulled my panties aside and started to play with my clit.

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Mike as he flipped Mrs. Jones over and start teasing her aged cunt with his cock

Rubbing his cock up and down her wet slit. This was Hot as Fuck! My  Pussy was starting to pulse and throb. Mike leaned over suckling her left nipple as he slid his cock past her pussy lips into her love canal. Slowly working his cock inside her pussy while Mrs. Jones ached her back and gave a Breathe of gratifying relieve. Giving her his shaft she has wanted all night, Watching him work his cock under the Christmas tree really was truly rocking my boat too! Grabig her hips and giving her his whole length in stride. Pumping her pussy for both of their desires. Being able to watch Mrs. Jones made me feverishly work my fingers in and out of my fuck hole. I closed my eyes and imagined Mike working my cunt like he was Mrs. Jones.

Getting Caught

I must have made a noise because before I could explode I felt my hair being pulled up off the wall making me get to my feet. OMG, it was Mr. Jones grabbing me by my hair. Walking me towards Mike and Mrs. Jones. Saying Look at this SLUT guys. Fucking her Little wet cunt with her fingers cause she can’t get any action at the Office Christmas Party. As he was throwing me down by Mike’s knees. While Mike was laughing he pulls out of Mrs. Jones freshly Cummed in Pussy and points it at me. Saying you want to watch me fill this pussy now you can clean it off my cock! Merry Christmas Slut you’re finally getting the cream you have wanted all night!

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Later I learned Mr. Jones was paying Mike to impregnating friends wife around the office. He was trying to create an environment where no employee could quit and ensuring his company never lost employees. He had the best medical plan in place and Mike was his Office breeder. By the next Christmas Mike had been hard at work impregnating friends wife all around the office. Mike Bred every cheating wife he could and if the Wife didn’t cheat. Their Husband’s were fired! We all became one happy Family!