Robbie’s Pregnancy Fetish

Robbie’s Pregnancy Fetish is getting out of hand. He sees that big round belly and goes crazy. Robbie doesn’t care if shes married or taken. He just has to feel that big bulge next to his skin. Her firm milky breast full of her mother’s juice. Rather she’s riding his cock or he has her bent over. He just needs to full her cunt.

Visiting the Mom’s Parks

Robbie will Visit the local park just to hit on Moms. He knows there are lonely housewives just wanting attention. It’s an easy score win, win for him. He gives them the much attention they need and Robbie gets to fulfill his fetish. It’s an easy place to meet mothers and mothers to be. Get close to them and build their trust. Then once they trust him he meets up with them.

Taking His Toys home

Robbie tries to get them to let him come back to their house. This way they can not track him down later. Once there he pampers them. Get them in the shower rubs their back washes their hair and show them much need affection. Letting his hands roam up and down his beautiful mother to be. He worships her body. Licking and feeling his way over every curve. Feeling her stretched Belly, Touching her milky nipples. Licking and sucking each one. Robbie treasures this time in the shower.

Taking her Working womb

Laying her back on her bed that she shares with her hubby. Kissing her down onto the bed. Taking her foot and working his fingers around each muscle. Sliding his lips down her leg each to her enter thigh. Kissing the tomb which holds that child within her. Caressing her clit with the tip of his tongue. as he slides two fingers into her juicy love hole. Working in and out of her Sweetbox bring up sweet juices within her.

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Filling his desire

Robbie hard now knowing he’s about to feel the soft womb of a mothers cunt. Knowing how pregnant ladies crave feeling someone deep within them. He spends her legs and teases her slit with the tip of his cock. Mixing his precum with her sweet flavor. Sliding inside her wet hole. Feeling her soften Cunt wrap around his cock. Slowing taking her to a pleasure she hasn’t had in some time. Working his shaft in and out of her fragile cunt. Feeling her tighten around his rob he knows she about ready to explode. He pumps she cock harder and deeper inside of her. Getting ready to explode himself. As she grips his back and begins to shake he releases his seed deep inside her womb. Filling it up with his baby juice. Till they both are laying beside each other in pleasure.

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