My boyfriend, Hank is a good guy. I couldn’t find a better, more open husband if I tried, not that I would try. He and I met and knew we were a match. Of course, with my naughty lifestyle, I wasn’t sure he could handle being with me. Turns out he is as kinky as me. When he asked me to fuck Jake, for some impregnating friends wife sex, I couldn’t say no.

Jake is a great guy and he loves sharing his seed. God knows he is fucking most of the county. He is a sexy mother fucker too. He is impregnating friends wife every chance he gets. A lot of the girls I know are pregnant with his babies. I hear he is incredible in bed so I am reading for some great sex.

Furthermore, the impregnating friends wife sex may not take on the first try.

That is fine with me too. If he is as good in bed as I am being told, fucking him a bunch will be a blast! Having my husband watching us is a huge turn-on too! Hank and I love sharing each other. He enjoys watching me fucking another woman or man. I feel the same way. Seeing another woman sucking his cock gets my pussy dripping wet. Of course, when is sucking or fucking a guy, I practically squirt.

He thinks it is hot when I am working, taking calls as a fetish phone sex operator. Hank will jerk off while I am taking calls. One of his favorite things is seeing me masturbate with callers. The fact that I am getting that turned on is a thrill for him. For me, all the calls I take are a turn-on. Guys telling me their deepest fantasies, me helping them to live those fantasies, and the guys jerking off for little ole me. So fucking hot!

Just like Poker Night Daddy Punishment was a hot dirty night of fun.

Daddy thought he was making me pay for being a bad girl, but truthfully I got all those dicks to play with instead! When I snuck out, I had every intention of sucking cock and getting laid. My lightweight ass ended the fun before it could start at the party. And, because I was so buzzed, I walked right into my house as if I owned it. Oops. The rest is history and the fucking was epic!

Now, I am a grown-up and make my fun wherever I choose. The sky is the limit and when I get the chance to help out someone like Jake with impregnating a friend’s wife, I am ready for the challenge. Sharing the fun with Hank is a bonus. He will be sitting there watching with his cock in his hand jerking off. My man is so fucking sexy. Who knows, maybe he can join in the fun with us.

That would be a real bonus for this nasty cum slut!

I know the three of us can rock some naughty fun together. Of course, my goal is to see everyone get off and have a fantastic time. That is always my goal. When I am taking calls or when I am fucking, and even when I am eating pussy. It is always important we are all climaxing. And trust me when I say everyone I am licking, sucking or fucking is cumming. My skills are bar none.

So tonight is the night and I am ready to rock Jake’s world. I know he has a crush on me and I see him watching me all the time. Hank and I have our bedroom set up with a romantic feel. That way Jake will get in the mood even faster. We have a chair set up for Hank so he is watching the whole show. Jake is arriving, Hank is bringing back to our bathroom.

This night is going to be very hot and naughty.

Jake is nervous as he is walking into the bedroom we give him a drink so he can relax. He sits down beside me and I start running my hands all over his body. We start kissing passionately as his hands are roaming my body. I feel his cock getting hard and know things are going to go well. I look over at Hank, he is pulling his dick out and winking at me.

From there, things get naughty. Of course, to hear those details, you need to call me. I will tell you how I used all my skills and sexy body to fuck him all night long.