Poker night for daddy and his friends was punishment for me

Daddy played poker every Friday night. He and his friends took turns hosting the poker party every week. I usually knew when it was Daddy’s turn to host a poker night. It seemed to be once a month and he usually did things like go out to buy beer and other things for the poker night party. This particular day I didn’t notice any of those routine things.

I was determined to sneak out of the house that night for the biggest party of the year. Everybody who was somebody was going to be there, so I had to go. Being grounded was not going to stop me from going out and enjoying myself. The fact that I was grounded anyway, was so stupid. My dad literally grounded me because he walked in on me watching porn. I was pissed about it. When my brother got busted for watching porn, he didn’t get grounded, he got the sex talk and condoms. When it came to me, I was grounded for what seemed like an eternity and there was no sex talk or condoms like my got.

I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from going out and getting wild at this party.

My plan was to stay upstairs in my room from the moment I made it home from school so no one would notice when I did actually leave. It seemed to be going as planned up to the moment I was ready to leave. I got a little nervous but I knew I couldn’t back down. So I swallowed the nervous lump in my throat and grabbed my bag. I made it out the window quickly and quietly. My friend was waiting for me down the street in her car, which was part of the plan of course.

When we made it to the party, everything was going great! The music was awesome, the drinks were great, and everyone was having a blast. Although I knew that I was a lightweight drinker and had no business having more than two drinks, I did anyway. I got hammered. That wasn’t something I would normally do, but the drinks were fruity and delicious, it just sort of happened. After a while, my friend came and got me so we could leave. Of course, I tried to talk her into staying longer but that was the alcohol talking.

She got me to the car and headed to my house.

When I got home I guess I forgot that I had to sneak out in the first place. I walked right to the front door and used my key to get in. As the door opened, I saw daddy and his buddies gathered around the poker table. It was at that moment that I realized, I had fucked up. I walked right in on poker night and daddy’s face was furious. His friends on the other hand were all looking at me as if I was a sweet piece of pie and they all had a sweet tooth.

Daddy started yelling at me the moment I closed the door. His friends were able to calm him down. So I tried to make my way upstairs without getting another earful. To my surprise, daddy grabbed me by my wrist as I was about to pass him. Daddy pulled me back and sat me down on his lap. He was cool, calm, and collected at this point. He asked me if I had fun and told me the party wasn’t over.

Daddy said that he and his friends going to show me how to really party and have fun.

He laid me back on the poker table and put my legs on his shoulders. At this point, I felt really awkward because I knew what was going on but I was so wet and ready for it. Daddy pulled my panties down and started licking my pussy, while his friend ripped off my shirt and started licking my nipples and sucking all over my neck and chest and tits.

Another one of his friends pulled out his cock and slid it in my mouth. I got to sucking with no hesitation. This is what I really wanted from the beginning. This was my reason for going to the party, but it didn’t happen at the party. So while daddy thought he was punishing me, he and his friends were giving me exactly what I wanted.

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