I love when a guy lets me give it to him in his Behind.

One of my favorite toys to use on a man is a strap-on. A lot of men like it but are scared to take it from Behind because they think it makes them seem gay. Luckily my boyfriend is a free spirit who lets me do whatever I want to him and when I hit his prostate he starts begging for more. Hearing him beg can get on my nerves sometimes because I’m trying to concentrate so I found a solution.

We were in bed when I asked if I could take charge for the night. He quickly agreed. My man knows it’s always going to be good when I take charge.

He watched as I got up and grabbed the strap on. I told him that tonight the neighbors wouldn’t be hearing him moaning and begging because I was going to gag him. Going over to the dresser I took out a gag. I was about to close the drawer when I saw a blindfold and handcuffs lying nearby.

Deciding to take away his sight and movement as well as his voice I grabbed them.

I went to the bed and told him to lie on his stomach. Taking his arms I handcuffed them to the headboard then fastened the blindfold over his eyes.

I made sure it was on tight then fastened the gag around his mouth.

Going to get the lube I saw my boyfriend’s head move. He was following what I was doing by the sounds of my footsteps.

I wanted to take him by surprise so I went to the bathroom and grabbed a pair of earplugs. I put them in his ears and looked at him. He couldn’t see, speak, hear or move. He looked like the perfect man.

I took my time putting on the strap-on Dildo, I wanted him to lie there, getting excited and wondering what was going on. Lubing it up I got on the bed behind him. I put my hands on his ass and spread his cheeks.

Spreading the lube around his hole, I got him ready. I then started to push forward slowly and the tip slid into him. His back tensed and I massaged it, helping him to relax. He leaned down lower, opening himself up wider. He wanted more.

I kept pushing forward and held him tighter when he shifted at the feeling. Finally, I got the last of it in him and stayed still, giving him a minute to get used to it.

Pulling back I started thrusting in and out of him.

I heard him moan through the gag and moved faster. When his muffled moans were nearly non-stop I reached around and grabbed his dick. He was dripping pre-cum and it covered my fingers. I wrapped my hand around him and started stroking him. He rocked back against me as I got in a rhythm.

Every time I nearly pulled out of him I’d stroke him then push in again. It drove him crazy and he rocked back and forth harder, impaling himself on the dildo. I stroked him faster and he tensed up. He let out a loud muffled cry and cum covered my hand. I kept fucking him, hitting his prostate as he came and milking every drop out of him.

When he was done I let him go and pulled out. I let him lie in darkened silence for a while then gave him his senses back.

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