Today’s A Great Day To Join The Mile High Club With The Sexy Pilot.

Now that school is out for the summer I have to visit my grandparents. Well, I wasn’t thrilled about it but you, Mr. Pilot, are beyond sexy! All I can think about is finally joining the mile high club. Holy hell, if all pilots are as hot as you are, I’m going to fly to see my grandparents every chance I get. Are you interested? It seems like it from the way that you’re looking me up and down.

Heights scare me! Do you think maybe you could show me the cockpit and all of the controls? That way I’ll know that there’s nothing to be afraid of and you have it all under control. Is seeing me bent over the controls making you have naughty thoughts? Do you want to introduce me to the mile high club? It’s not such a bad idea you know because sex is one incredible distraction. You’ve got such a big bulge in the front of your pilot uniform.

Wow, you’re really hung! I just so happen to be a total teen-size queen. Watch my hand slowly start to slide across that bulge and give it a squeeze.  Ooh, it’s throbbing against my hand and ready to rip right through your pants. So now it’s time for you to watch as I slide your zipper down for you. You have an autopilot button and it’s time to use it! Let’s take advantage of your downtime together.

I’ve been dying to become part of the mile high club and you’re just the sexy older man to introduce me to it!

Oh wow, your cock is even bigger and thicker than I was imagining. I hope you can fit it inside my tight bald pussy. Well, I know one thing that will help with that. My pouty pink lips wrapped around your rock-hard cock. Watch me sink down to my knees in front of you and tease your swollen cock head with my wet, pink tongue. Pump your hips forward and drive that big dick right into the back of my throat while I lube you up with my saliva. Pre-cum is dripping onto my tongue and it’s making my pussy dripping for you!

I have got to have your cock inside of me right now. It’s time for you to induct me into the mile-high club Mr. Pilot man! I’m bent over the pilot’s chair, waiting for your cock. Make sure the speaker doesn’t flip on, otherwise the whole plane will hear me moaning for you. Your cock feels so amazing, they can hear me already, can’t they? Oopsie, oh well can you blame me with such a massive cock stretching me to the limits? Fuck me faster, harder, deeper, and make me cum all over your big dick. Your balls are so full of cum and I hate condoms.

Your bare cock sliding against my bare tight innocent virgin pussy is so addictive. You’re getting so full, and now it’s time for me to drain your balls. Shoot that big hot sticky load of cum deep inside of me, so I can enjoy it trickling out through the rest of my flight.

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