Virgin, but not so innocent.

I was a virgin and still in high school. I was more than ready to have a good time. It was my junior year, the time when you start college visits. Little did I know my first college visit was going to offer much more than I could have ever imagined. It wouldn’t be the only first I would experience that weekend. It was definitely a learning experience.

I wore a sexy school girl-esque outfit, short little skirt, white button up, some sweet over the knee socks. I was a walking fetish, blonde hair down to my breasts, tight little body, ready for whatever college boy I could catch. When I walked my skirt kicked up and I know you could see the bottom of my tight ass which was bare.

I opted out of wearing panties for the day and by noon I was sexually charged and ready for action.

A virgin who knew just what she wanted. My nipples were constantly hard, clearly visible through my tight white shirt. My black lace bra left little to the imagination. One of the men leading our group took special interest in showing me all kinds of things around campus. He kept brushing my arm, putting his hand on my back. I liked the extra attention. I was shy but I knew my body spoke for itself. Took special attention to bend over when possible, giving him a flash of what he could have. I giggled at his jokes. Really enjoyed myself. When he asked me where I was staying I was more than willing to give him the key to my hotel room.

Want all the juicy details of what happened when I heard that knock on the door? I’d love to share with you! Give me a call and I’ll tell you exactly what you want to hear.

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