I have pussy pride. I LOVE MY PUSSY! Maybe that makes me lucky, I don’t know, but I’m glad I love it though. I call it pussy or kitty. I’ll call it a cunt when I’m feeling extremely filthy. I rarely call it a vagina or vag and I never call it a twat. But that’s just me.

I never really thought about my pussy much til I was in my twenties. I had been sexually active since I was fifteen, but my tits and pussy never came up in conversation at all. It wasn’t until I started working in a trip club and saw all the different types of pussy that I started wondering if mine was normal. I would stare in the mirror touching myself, questioning if mine should look more like theirs.

The first time I ever really thought about my properly and started to really love it was years later when I started fucking Damien and he told me how beautiful my pussy was. I looked at him all confused, like really, you think my pussy is beautiful? So he took pictures of it. He took frontal, back pictures, and spread full open, like a butterfly type of pictures. Then he handed me the phone and told me to scroll through the pics. It was then that I was like, my pussy is not beautiful, it’s gorgeous! I really loved the way it looked, especially from the back with me all bent over.

I always de-fuzz my pussy, generally. I shave every other day. I find the risk of a cutting my treasure box much better than the pain and mess of waxing or the burning of hair remover cream you by from the store! I don’t leave a patch or landing strip. I’m not big on hair down there on my own body. Hair just irritates my kitty. As for what I find attractive on other women, I have no preference! It’s a matter of personal choice and comfort, and self-expression, and I don’t believe there’s a right or wrong way to have a pussy. Anyone that tries to tell a woman what she should do with her pussy doesn’t deserve access to it!

I read an article once, in which a woman was ashamed and self-conscious of her large outer lips on her pussy and the color of the inside of it. She mentioned specifically that she had to spread her lips with her fingers before her partner could penetrate her, and this made her feel like a freak. This is actually something I have to do too, and honestly it had never occurred to me to be self-conscious about it. I’d always felt like it kind of added to the anticipation, actually; sometimes I spread them and sometimes my partner does, but either way it heightens the excitement for me, highlights that initial moment of anticipation before penetration. I can’t believe it’s that unusual to have to spread your lips before penetration, but to my disappointment the woman didn’t say so. She also complained that her pussy was darker and she wished she had a bright pink one. She also went on to reveal she was having cosmetic surgery on her pussy. All I can say is ouch and why so much hate over your pussy.

Pussy comes in all shapes and sizes, sometimes symmetrical, often not. They’re all beautiful and I don’t believe there is a “right” way for them to look. It’s wrong to claim that our bodies are “supposed” to look a certain way. Women need to get together and start having some Pussy Pride. Let’s start small with a hashtag on twitter. And men, get down on your knees and give one a kiss and say it’s beautiful. I promise your woman will reward you for it.