Not so long ago, when I’d hear about someone getting or giving a foot job I was always wondering two things: a) how much longer ’til I lose my foot virginity? and b) just what leads up to a foot job, exactly?? My field research results: you don’t have to be a full time foot fetish-ist to enjoy #footsex. And if you are a foot freak exxxtraordinaire? No need to be ashamed. My feet are amazing, after all!

Apparently, some receivers (and givers) of foot jobs don’t necessarily identify as “foot fetishists.” A casual foot job every once in awhile doesn’t mean you have to commit to a whole fetish identity, right? I’m pretty sure most people have felt or feel  “foot curious” from time to time. If you haven’t, maybe your foot curiousity will start *growing* after you’ve seen my feet. Aren’t they pretty?

my feet were MADE for foot fetish freaks like you
       pictured above: my perfect feet.

Like me, my feet have always aroused men’s interest and gotten special attention. Many men have given me foot massages. I love foot massages, even though I’m pretty ticklish . . . it just feels good! Believe it or not (and, as I found out a few nights ago) giving a foot job is only a few short (and sexy) steps away at pretty much any given time, ESPECIALLY if you’re already getting a foot massage. Think of foot massages as the gateway to foot jobs, yeah?

If you give a pervert your foot, he’ll ask if you want a foot massage. If he knows what’s good for him, anyway . . to which I (and the proverbial you, I can only hope) will respond “Duh. Yes, please!”

When you’re letting him give you a foot massage, he’ll probably ask if he can suck on them a little bit. Just “a little bit” at first, anyway . . .

It's kind of inevitable, really.
It’s kind of inevitable, really.


Mistress Aileen

Your Supreme Goddess Aileen



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