My stepson invited a friend of his to stay at our house during Spring Break last year.  His name was Scott and he was a very polite and quiet young guy.  In fact, he was so quiet that I sort of forgot he was staying with us after a couple of days.

One morning, I was rushing to get ready to get to my yoga class on time and went downstairs wearing only my sports bra and panties.  I put coffee on to brew and started to head back up to my bedroom to finish getting dressed.  I stopped in my tracks when I saw that Scott was lying on the sofa in the family room, just outside of the kitchen and dining area.  When we made eye contact, he shut his eyes quickly as if to feign sleep.  I smiled and continued upstairs.

I finally got dressed and came back out to grab a to-go mug of coffee and noticed that Scott was no longer lying on the couch.  I glanced around and wondered where he had gone. I walked quietly towards the small bathroom that was off of the laundry room and tiptoed towards the door.  It was slightly ajar and I heard the unmistakable slick sounds of a fist pulling on a cock.  I hesitated, knowing that I should give Scott his privacy and just head to the gym like a good girl.

But, after all… he HAD left the door ajar, hadn’t he?  I pushed the door open slightly and it creaked.  I held my breath, waiting for Scott to yell out in humiliation and perhaps slam the door in my face.  But he did neither.  His back was towards me; he was facing the sink. He stopped jerking his cock and turned his head slightly towards the door, so that I caught a glimpse of the side of his face.  The pause was only a few seconds long but it seemed to last much longer than that as I wondered what he would do next.  Surely he knew I was watching.  How could he not?

I started to turn to walk away but he suddenly continued the abuse on his cock.  He stroked it with much more intensity now and the wet sounds of his hand on his rod got louder and louder, making almost a loud clicking noise.

His breathing got harder and he started to moan louder.  He pushed his ass back and forth and cried out as he unloaded a massive load of cum all over the sink. I watched as his ass cheeks squeezed together as the protein squirted out of him.  He stood there panting and catching his breath and I held my own breath watching him.

He didn’t turn to face me when he was finished.  He just stood there with his boxers around his ankles facing the sink.  I leaned my head into the bathroom.

“Just clean up the mess, okay?  See you at dinner.”  Then I headed to yoga class.


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