I was under the gun to make the payments on the farm. We were over a year in the rears with taxes and the place just wasn’t thriving like it was a few years prior. I was sick with worry and didn’t have a single option. At least I had my sweet girl to console me and cheer me up. Alyson was a peppy, redheaded girl. The tender age of 17. She was a good girl and did great at school and on the farm. A daughter any father would be proud of.

One day the banker showed up on my property and had foreclosure papers. I panicked. I asked the guy what I could do to get just 6 more months. My mother was ailing and had money I would get from her will. The banker shook his head. Almost arrogantly like he was enjoying the bad news.

Alyson walked out from one of the barren barns and walked over to a small flock of geese. The bankers eyes leered dangerously her way. With a slight lick to his lips, I could read his mind as if he were telling me himself. I looked at my sweet daughter. I knew what I was about to suggest would rock my girl and me to the core. I needed something to appeal enough to him, just enough to buy some time.

I nodded Alyson’s way and commented on how she was my good girl. She was only only child and willing to help me do what needed to be done to save our home. The banker picked up on my little hint. I didn’t wanna out right throw the idea on the table. The banker lifted an eyebrow and searched my face for a clue. I flushed and said my daughter was a pure little thing and WILLING to help our plight. The banker nodded and said I could have my six months in exchange for Aly.

I was numb. I agreed without a second thought. This was how it had to be. I called Alyson over and gave a quick introduction. The banker looked hungry once he saw her beautiful smile. I explained to Alyson why he was here and what he was planning on doing to the farm. Her sweet smile faded, she asked the banker what could be done. I shifted nervously and said there was something. I stuttered the entire time and said the banker would have her and he would give us the extension we so desperately needed.

Alyson stood stalk still a moment. Absorbing this huge requirement. What shocked the banker and I was her change in demeanor. Alyson poised herself and said her virginity was worth more then a measly six months. She demanded 1 year of time. My little girl was haggling the price of her pussy! The banker looked at her and said she had to fuck him whenever he wanted the entire year for those kind of terms. She said he could have her no more then once a month until the term ended. She put out her hand and shook his in agreement.

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