I screwed a sexy priest. This is my confession.

I screwed a sexy priest. Because my father was an international businessman, I grew up all over Europe. I was nineteen and going to college in Ireland when I met The Priest. Though I went to school in Dublin, I was spending the summer in the countryside. You know: very green grass, fields of clover, old stone cottages. My cute, freckle-faced girlfriend Colleen, who was a strict Catholic, asked me to go with her to church. Reluctantly, I agreed and we rode our bikes over to this tiny church.

At first, I was bored to tears. But then The Priest entered the pulpit.

Suddenly I realized why Colleen went to church so much! He was the sexiest man I’d ever seen: chiseled face, sky-blue eyes, wavy black hair, and a dimple in his chin. This “father” was probably about 30 and I fantasized about how ripped he must be beneath his cassock. I also couldn’t help imagining the size of his cock. You know I didn’t care if it lead to hell–I had to fuck this guy, and fast!

I screwed a sexy priest and this is how it happened:

As everyone else left the church, I approached The Priest. “Father Frank,” I said, laughing and tossing my hair, “will you save my soul?” He looked me straight in the eye. Then he took my chin in his big hand. “I would if I could,” he replied, in his enchanting brogue. “But I doubt that I can. You’re fer the devil.” “How do you know this, Father?” I asked. “Because you’re such a beauty,” he answered. So I knew he was attracted to me, too!

We didn’t fuck right that second. I had to go to church a few more times, before I screwed a sexy priest!

By August I was taking private classes with Father Frank. I told him I wanted to convert. As it turned out, he was most interested in instructing me. One day I told him I’d forgotten my catechism book. “You won’t be fer needin’ it anyway, lass,” he told me. He leaned over, took me in his arms, and gave me a full, deep kiss. I screwed a sexy priest; this was just the beginning…

Father Frank took off his cassock. Then he took off everything else.

The Priest was even bigger than I had imagined. For he had a very generous cock: twelve inches long, thick, with a throbbing purple head. As I reached for his dick my hands were trembling. I couldn’t wait another minute; I grasped it and fed it into my mouth, inch by inch. Soon I was sucking The Priest’s whole cock; his pre-cum was drizzling down my throat, drop by delectable drop. Then he laid me down on the floor. He parted my legs and began to eat my wet pussy. When I was wide-open, he thrust his long, hard cock into me like a holy, flaming sword. I came so loud, the angels must have heard my screams in heaven! That is how I screwed a sexy priest.

I screwed a sexy priest. But I never saw him again.

Eagerly I went to church that Sunday. However, I was surprised when an old, gnarled priest appeared instead of Father Frank. After the service, I asked where “my” Father had gone. Then I was told he had asked for a transfer and was now in another county. I knew I could find him if I really wanted to. But I respected his need to save his own soul, even if mine had gone to the devil. For I screwed a sexy priest and I didn’t even feel guilty. His cock was just that good!

I shared a confession with you. Now share a secret with me.

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