This new guy I’ve been seeing, I had a feeling he liked my feet when he admired my pedicure, and boy was I right. He loves to give me foot massages, which he can give me as often as he wants, I adore that. I’m kind of a bare foot girl at home anyway, and he is always looking at them and telling me what perfect toes I have. One of the first things he bought me was a pair of strappy sandals, they are lovely and show off my feet and toes a good deal.

I’ve never gone out with anyone that shows as much interest in my feet as he does. We went out to dinner and I wore the new shoes and I know it really turned him on. I’d done a nice pedicure and my feet were looking very nice. When we got home he removed them off and gave me another fantastic foot rub and lifted my foot to his lips and kissed the top of my foot as he rubbed the underside with his thumbs.



I then reached my foot over to his crotch and started squishing his balls with my toes through his pants and he became hard instantly. His hand on my one foot and the other on his dick in his pants. I reached forward and released his cock and pulled my foot from his hand and gripped both sets of toes around his hardened shaft and slid them up and down, smoothing his leaking precum around the head of his cock with my big toe. He closed his eyes in pleasure as he surrendered to the sensations my feet were giving him.

It didn’t take him long with my feet on his cock before he shot his load all over the tops of my bare feet and I had little drops of cum all over my red painted toenails. It always gave him such pleasure to cum all over my feet and toes, sometimes he liked it if I had stockings on when I gave him a foot job as well.

The worship he showed for my feet was remarkable, nearly every time I gave him a foot job, I could nearly guarantee there was going to be a new pair of shoes waiting for me within the next twenty four hours. I think the shoes gave him more pleasure to see them on my feet than they gave me. I wasn’t complaining, I’d never had such an extensive foot wardrobe, and I didn’t mind giving foot jobs. Having a guy with a foot fetish for a boyfriend was fine by me.

He said summers were to him as exciting as a nude beach was for most men, the exposed toes, bare feet, so many in sandals and flip flops, it was a buffet for a guy with a foot fetish when warm weather rolled around. He’d rather see a sexy pair of bare feet than a topless woman. I’m glad he found my feet sexy in any case.

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