Unforgettable and Mind-blowing Head


While watching porn, my mind turned to what exactly makes for a superb blowjob. I like to think I’m pretty good at cock sucking but don’t we all? To quote Shakira though, hips don’t lie and neither does that hot spunk explosion shooting down my throat with some melodic grunting and moaning in the background. What is it about sucking for pleasure that he enjoys so much? It is just the physical sensations, or a combination of physical and mental stimulation? Or would he come in any warm wet hole if offered the chance?

Desires and Ecstasy: Sucking for Pleasure

He seems to really enjoy the specific way in which I suck for pleasure. I put myself into a certain mindset when I suck cock. It’s almost a sub space but a cock sucking space. I think it really helps me to give the best blow job possible. Trying to imagine what the view is like from where he is, and how every sensation will be felt by him, means that I’m sucking cock mindfully with his enjoyment a priority quickly seconded by my own.

It probably helps that we don’t just leap into a cock sucking situation, there’s usually some role-play with a heavy focus on how I should suck his cock like a good little girl, and how he’ll teach me to deep throat. It’s all excellent motivation to give the best blowjob ever and I also feel extremely sexy as I satisfy my man with my mouth.

Sucking for Pleasure: Starts in the Mind

There’s a transition period where I allow myself to shake off any worries from the day and put stress and other thoughts out of my mind. There’s also a combination of feelings. Twice the temptation— both wanting to be the best cock sucking slut for him but also imagining I have my own cock and how I would want it to be satisfied in my slut’s mouth.

The sensations I’d want around my cock collar. Down the shaft, the head of my cock was completely covered with her warm wet mouth.  Attention given to sucking for pleasure my balls and then depending on the mood moving towards anal lubrication and penetration sucking for pleasure.

Fall In Love With The Cock

I do feel like blowjobs are 90% imagining you have a cock, 5% listening to the audible responses, and 5% making sure you don’t choke. When we begin, he’s always hard and ready. Lying on the bed next to me, by the time my head is anywhere near his cock. Just to make sure I first gently brush my fingertips up the shaft of his dick. I enjoy sucking for pleasure and watching it bounce. Excitedly trying to lengthen the time it’s in contact with my fingers.

A little more teasing in this way and the first drop of pre-cum is glistening at the top of his cock. I like to use that first drop. Placing my thumb and index finger to his frenulum and the other side of his cock tip. To squeeze out as much as possible. I then brush my thumb lightly over the surface of his shiny exposed head. Polishing his weapon with his own brand of lube.

His back is already arching at this point and eyes rolling in pleasure. I know because I glance up to make sure. I smile and a tingle stirs my clit. Part 2 next week!

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