Double The Pleasure: Double The Fun


I sat beside Kasen, wincing as he destroyed me yet again at the game we played on his console. Dimitri was lounging on the wingback chair nearby, belly-laughing each time Kasen shot me down and let out a victorious whoop of celebration. I chuckled, tossing my controller to the side with a shake of my head. I had given up; there was no point in trying anymore to defeat him in this game I always lost. Little did I know that this was the first step to me falling into twice the temptation.

Two Times The Fun: Twice the Temptation

“Guys I give up,” I said to them both, stating the obvious.

“Yeah, I think I’ll take a quick bathroom break. Be right back.” Kasen rolled off the couch and disappeared down the hall. Then, Dimitri moved over and dropped himself into the spot beside me.

“Hey,” I giggled. “Are you planning on completely annihilating me in the game, too?” Dimitri laughed and shook his head.

I’m not entirely sure why, but I was suddenly hyper-aware of how good-looking he was. Hot in that boyish way some men like Dimitri still held on to in their mid-twenties. He scratched his head. Blond hair fell over his forehead as he looked at me inquisitively. I guess my face was giving something away.

“Sofia?” I shrugged. Paused. Then, despite knowing better, I leaned in and kissed him. Dimitri responded enthusiastically, his mouth parting to immediately slip in his tongue. He shifted his body to hold on to me, my chest moving to his in response.

Meanwhile, my heartbeat felt like it was in my throat, and my mind was unable to focus on the fact that I was making out with one of my best friends. It’s not like I had never thought about it before but to actually act on it and so impulsively felt absolutely outlandish.

Twice the Temptation: Two Times The Yum

Behind us, I heard a loud cough. Dimitri broke free from me and turned abruptly to Kasen. His eyebrows were raised in curiosity, dark brown eyes flickering between looking at Dimitri and at me. The two of us were silent, no doubt each sporting a guilty look on our faces.

“Want to join us?” I could barely believe that I suggested it. This was meant to be a fantasy that stayed in my head, not something I just acted on without a second thought. However, there I was, inviting Kasen to the couch with Dimitri and me, awaiting the moment I would have two sets of hands roving across my body.

It wasn’t long before the two of them undressed me, peeling back my clothes while removing their own. I wonder if they had ever considered this before. Whether it was a private thought like mine or discussed aloud between them.

Once these thoughts were cut short by a finger slipping into my pussy eliciting a sharp gasp from me. Dimitri pulled out his fingers, maintaining unwavering eye contact as he ran his tongue along his index finger with a grin.

As Kasen leaned in to kiss me, his hand cupped my tits roughly, teeth now nibbling my jawline and down my neck. I was speechless, nearly breathless, and taking in all of the overwhelmingly magnificent sensations. Twice the temptation of having two people I knew like the back of my hand unfurling me sexually.

Double Stuffed: Because One Cock Just Won’t Cut It

“Fuck me,” I instructed. My voice was firm and I saw the two glance at each other for a moment. Firstly, they turned me over onto my stomach. My knees slid to the ground so I could lean over the cushions of the sofa. Someone entered me from behind, their dick thick and hard inside of me.

Accordingly, I turned to see Kasen, a sheen of sweat forming on his brow as he thrust in and out of me with sure movements. I turned to clutch at Dimitri’s ankle. Pulling him down to the floor as I adjusted my body to lean over him. As Kasen ploughed me from behind filling me to what felt like my bursting point. I took Dimitri’s cock in my mouth ready to experience twice the temptation. I hadn’t been so wet since I read the confessions of a horny cuckold.

Soon, I could taste the saltiness as he began to spurt precum. I watched his face contort as he tried in vain to steady his gaze on me and my boobs bouncing just outside his reach. He cursed under his breath, hips bucking as I took him down to the base.

Meanwhile, Kasen pulled out, his hot cum dripping down my lower back and over my ass cheek. Dimitri carefully pulled me off of him. Dropping me onto my back on the carpeted floor, lifting my legs over his shoulder, and burrowing into me.

Finally, I sighed, moaning quietly as he moved in and out in and out. When he came, he did so inside of me. Grunting a string of expletives before lowering my legs back to the ground and leaning in to kiss my forehead. 

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