When Clark and I broke up, I knew that what I would miss the most was the sex.  Especially the way he used to tongue my pussy.  He dove in like a starving man, worshipping, kissing, sniffing, licking, sucking, fingering and even whispering lovingly at it.  It was a marvelous thing to watch him perform cunnilingus on me.  Sometimes I even felt as if I was competing with my own pussy for his attention but I really didn’t mind.  Anyone who was willing to spend so much time and expend that much effort into making my pussy happy was more than welcome to.  

About two weeks after our breakup, I received a text message from Clark asking if he could stop by to pick up some of his things which were still at my house.  I had just woken up and was still in bed when I read it.  I texted back that any time today was fine, I didn’t have any plans except a late afternoon yoga class.  

Ten minutes later, he was at my door.  I hadn’t even gotten my ass out of bed yet and here he was, knocking on my door.  I grumbled as I threw my silky bathrobe on over my naked body and dragged my tired ass to the front door.   

“I didn’t think you’d come over immediately, Clark.”  I said as I let him in.  

“Still in bed?”  he asked.  

“Well, I would be if you hadn’t decided to come over at the crack of dawn!” I replied sarcastically.   He glanced at his watch.  “It’s 10:15.” he said.

“Whatever.  It’s just too early for me.  Your stuff is in my bedroom closet.  Come on.”  I led him into my bedroom, a place he was all too familiar with.” 

He stuck his things into a shopping bag as I sat on my bed watching him.  He whistled annoyingly as he packed his items and glanced over at me.  “Naked under that robe, aren’t you?”  

I laughed.  “You know I like to sleep naked.”  I replied.

“Yes.  Such easy access to you that way.”  he smiled wickedly.  “I miss being able to just lift the covers and start licking that delicious pussy.”  

I smirked at him and nodded.  He was waiting for a reply but I didn’t give him one.  

“What?  You don’t miss it?”  he asked.

“Whether I miss it or not is irrelevant.  We’re broken up.  Remember?”  I said, a bit more snootily than I had planned.  

“Oh come on.”  he slowly wagged his tongue at me.  “Don’t you miss this?”

I feigned disgust.  “Oh, grow up, Clark.”  I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him but a smile was threatening to spread across my face. “Just take your things and go so I can go back to bed.”

He dropped his bag and put his hands on my shoulders, pushing me gently onto my back.  “By all means, Sabrina, get back in bed.  I want to see you lying there, as if you were waiting for me.”  

I was on my back now, looking up at him and I couldn’t help but laugh.  “If I were truly waiting for you, I wouldn’t be lying this way.”  I said.  I lifted my legs, pulling them towards my chest, exposing my luscious and creamy pussy.  “I would be roughly in this position.”  I said.  

He looked stunned and I realized he never expected something like that.  He dropped to his knees, put his hands on the back of my thighs to keep my legs raised and dove right in.  As soon as I felt his warm and wet tongue gently licking my clit, I grabbed his hair and began to grind my pussy into his face, masturbating on his lips and tongue.  

He was down there for almost an hour and I orgasmed at least five times.  He seemed to really be trying to leave a lasting impression because he used his fingers to double penetrate me and  ventured into my ass, rimming and sucking my asshole and adding a new level of pleasure to his routine.  

He had to get to work and I kissed him goodbye at my front door.  

“Do you really want to stay broken up?  Why did we break up in the first place?”  he asked.

I started to respond but stopped because after that fantastic lingual performance, I realized I had no fucking clue why I would ever break up with someone as talented and eager as Clark.  

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I don’t remember why we broke up.  It was probably for a pretty stupid reason.  Come over after work and we’ll talk about getting back together.  AFTER you eat my pussy again, of course.”  

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