“Welcum” back, Daddy! Ready for more Daddy’s Day GFE? I know I am!

Hello, sexy! When we ended last time, I’d just given you the most exquisite blowjob. Who knew that by the end of the day, I’d have fucked my daddy? Mmm, I can hardly wait. Read on to find out what happened next!

Angel licked her lips as Logan raised her up from her kneeling position. “How did I do, Daddy? Better than Mom?”

“I’m not going to say that. Your mom still gives good head, but she just doesn’t do it very often.”

“I’m glad I satisfied you, Daddy. Mmm, it was kind of surreal, sucking the cock that made me. Can we get out of the shower now?”

“Of course we can, sweetheart,” Logan said as he turned off the water. “You are gorgeous when you’re wet.”

“Thank you, Daddy! I’m definitely wet for you!” Angel grinned as they dried each other off. Then, Angel pulled Logan to her parents’ bed.

“Daddy, is this the bed where I was conceived?”

“Yes honey, it is.”

“Just think, soon I’m going to be fucking my father in the bed where he made me.”

Angel pulled Logan close, kissing him hungrily. As their hands continued to explore each other’s bodies, she made her way down to Logan’s already rigid cock.

“Oooh, Daddy. Ready for me again already?” Angel murmured teasingly.

Logan grinned. “You know it, kitten. This is just the beginning.”  They continued kissing and caressing until Logan pulled back.

“Is something wrong, Daddy?”

“No, sweetheart. I’m just curious about you listening to Mom and me last night. Were we that loud?”

“No, I’ve just gotten accustomed to listening for you and Mom having sex. Seriously, it turns me on so much to hear you two going at it.”

“How long have you been listening, naughty girl?”

“Hmm, the first time I heard you and Mom, I guess I was about 13. At first, it was a little funny to realize my parents were “doing it.” A few months later, I got curious (and sneaky!), so I peeked through a crack in your bedroom door. It was amazing to secretly watch you and Mom fucking.”

“You watched us having sex,” Logan repeated, blushing slightly.

“Of course, Daddy,” Angel said matter-of-factly. “After all, that’s how I first learned about sex.”

“I’d sit outside your door and watch you two fuck, imagining that I’d been the one who’d fucked my daddy, not Mom! Besides, all of the positions, sights, and sounds aroused me so much that I just had to make myself cum.”

“You masturbated outside our bedroom while we fucked?”

“At first, I did. Other times, I’d finger myself in bed while I listened from across the hall. Not only that, but I imagined that you and I were fucking instead.”

“You used to fantasize about me, Angel?”

“Daddy, I still fantasize about you. I’ve wanted you ever since that very first time I watched you fuck Mom. Matter of fact, I wish you’d been the one to pop my cherry when I first started having sex.”

As Angel’s expert touch quickly brought Logan to the edge all over again, he groaned softly as she casually continued:

“Last night, I fingered myself again while I heard you fucking Mom. This morning, I decided today wouldn’t end before I fucked my Daddy. So, I got up early. First, I shaved my legs and pussy smooth to give myself a more innocent look. Meanwhile, I dressed super cute, yet super sexy so that you’d notice and get horny.”

“I’m definitely horny, but you aren’t so innocent.”

“No, Daddy, I’m not innocent. Right now, I’m your dirty little girl who needs your big hard dick.”

Angel pulled Logan into a deep kiss. While massaging his daughter’s breasts, he lightly pinched her nipples, making her moan. Tearing his lips from hers, Daddy moved between her slim thighs, spreading them wide as he gripped his raging hardon. Then, he took the plunge. A very DEEP one.

“Oh yes, Daddy!”

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