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“Welcum” to Part 2 of my Daddy’s Day GFE fantasy! Logan hungrily sucked on Angel’s nipple as he gently massaged her other breast. After a few minutes, Logan took Angel’s hands in his, having her push her young titties together. Then, he inhaled both nipples into his mouth as the hot spray of the shower cascaded over their bodies. “OMG Daddy, yes,” Angel moaned as Logan feasted. “Nobody has ever sucked both my tits at once. I love it.”

Unable to resist, Logan cupped Angel’s freshly shaved pussy. Then, he slowly teased his fingers up and down her swollen, drenched lips. While continuing to suck both nipples, Logan pushed a finger into his daughter’s invitingly warm, tight, wet fuckhole. “Ooooh, Daddy,” she groaned, a charge running through her body. It was as if an electric current zinged between her nips and pussy. Every suck of her nipple or stroke of her pussy gave her an exciting jolt of pleasure.

“Mmm Daddy,” Angel moaned. “You know how to make a girl feel good.”

“I want to make sure my little girl is satisfied.”

Meanwhile, he added a second finger, pumping faster as she gasped, meeting him thrust for thrust. Sensing his daughter was on the edge, he suckled and bit her nipples passionately, while making sure that with each push of his fingers, his palm rubbed Angel’s hard little clit. She cried out, her body flushed and breathing growing heavier. Angel felt as if she were on fire. Indeed, she was being led to orgasm by an experienced lover.

Here “cums” your Daddy’s Day GFE!

“Ohhhh yes, Daddy, please don’t stop!”

Logan rammed his fingers in and out of his daughter’s wet box, slamming his palm into her clit repeatedly. Angel’s body began to thrum with ecstasy. As she released her grip on her tits, she arched her back while her fingernails dragging over her father’s broad shoulders.

“YESSSSSS!” Angel screamed as she exploded, her gushing pussy squeezing Daddy’s fingers hard.

As Logan moved up beside Angel and gently stroked her hair, she kissed him deeply, still breathing hard. “Oh Daddy, that was incredible. You know exactly what to do.”

“It comes with experience, sweetheart.”

“I love you so much, Daddy.”

“And I love you too, baby.”

Logan and Angel continued kissing and caressing each other, his boner growing all over again. However, he wanted to be sure he gave Angel a Daddy’s Day GFE experience she’d never forget. With that in mind, Logan kissed his way down Angel’s toned, tanned body. She parted her legs wide, moaning in anticipation.

Gently, Logan planted slow, wet kisses up and down Angel’s smooth pussy lips. Angel stroked her father’s hair, encouraging him as he tongued the delicate folds. Then Daddy flicked her throbbing clit, her soft moans urging him on. Finally, he began to tongue-fuck her sodden snatch. Angel squirmed in helpless pleasure, thrusting her hips upward to meet her father’s licks.

Angel’s dad peered up from between her legs, “Your pussy tastes so sweet and juicy and fresh, my dear. I’m already addicted.”

Before Angel could thank him, he dove back in, burying his face between her dripping folds. Groaning, she quivered with excitement, her body rocking with the rhythm of his licks. She couldn’t remember ever feeling this aroused with anyone. Until now.

Aching to return the favor, Angel urged Logan to his feet. Then, she knelt to wrap her slim fingers around his thick erection. Before he could speak, she’d sucked his swollen mushroom crown between her lips. He grunted, unable to tear his gaze away from his daughter’s blue eyes as her mouth ravenously devoured him.

“Damn, sweet girl. Your cock-sucking skills are exquisite,” Logan growled as he tenderly but urgently fucked her throat, the sounds of his soft grunts and her slurping moans building to a fever pitch. Angel purred in satisfaction as she swallowed Daddy’s creamy cumload, the first of MANY more to come.

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