It was early Sunday morning, and Logan was enjoying a quiet cup of coffee when 18-year-old Angel sauntered into the kitchen to give him a big hug.  Although the spaghetti-strap Tweety Bird top with a tiny pair of matching cotton shorts appeared innocent enough, Logan’s cock instantly began throbbing. Could this be the day, his Father’s Day surprise, an incest sex story “cum” true?

As beautiful as her mother, he couldn’t resist feasting his eyes upon his daughter’s beautiful young body, with her long toned legs that led up to her curvy ass and firm round tits. 

“What are you doing up so early, sweetheart?”

“Good morning, Daddy! I have 8:00 am classes this semester, so I’m up early every day. Am I interrupting?”

“Absolutely not, baby. You know I enjoy spending time with you.”

As Angel stretched to take a box of cereal out of the cabinet, her pajama shorts rode up, giving Logan an excellent view of his daughter’s fine ass. He swallowed, taking a deep breath.

“I guess Mom is out shopping today, Daddy?” she inquired casually.

“She left early and won’t be back until tonight.”

As she walked back to the table, Logan couldn’t help noticing that the snug, thin nightshirt did little to conceal Angel’s erect, pink nipples. This time, he almost groaned aloud. Seemingly oblivious, she leaned across him for the sugar, giving him a clear view of her delicious breasts. 

Logan couldn’t believe how aroused he was by his own daughter! Did she know?

His growing excitement made him wish his wife were home so they could sneak to the bedroom for a quickie. Hoping to distract himself, he asked “So how do you like your college classes so far, Angel?”

“They’re great, but I’m happy today is Sunday! What are you planning to do today, Daddy?”

“Yardwork, then some lounging around. Maybe you can help me out a little today, sweetie.”

“Of course, Daddy. I’d love to help you.”

I’ll shower, then we’ll get started.”

“Okay, Daddy. Just say when!”

Logan stepped into the hot shower, then rubbed his aching dick with soap, getting it good and slippery. He felt guilty that Angel had him so turned on, but he couldn’t seem to help himself.

Suddenly, a voice startled him out of his stroking. Father’s Day surprise!

“Can I wash that for you, Daddy?”

“W-what are you doing?” Logan groaned aloud as Angel stepped into the shower, completely naked.

Reaching out to touch him, she purred, “Looking at the big soapy cock that had Mom screaming last night. Did I give you a boner, Daddy?”

“Yes, you did, little girl. Seeing you this morning in those revealing jammies got me turned on, so I came up here for relief.”

“I’d hoped it would turn you on, Daddy. I’m here to help you out.”

“No, Angel, it’s wrong. I can’t fool around with my own daughter.”

“Why, Daddy? I want you, and I promise I won’t tell.”

“It’s incest, and I’d be cheating on your mother.”

“But you aren’t forcing me, and besides, we love each other, right?” Angel said as she sank to her knees. Looking up at him, she began massaging his pulsating shaft with both hands. 

Licking her lips, she moaned softly. “Mmm Daddy, your dick feels so nice. Mom’s had it thousands of times, but I’ve never had it,” Angel pretended to pout.

“Besides, Daddy, if I don’t get some from you, I’ll have to have to find someone else to fuck today. If you won’t help out your little girl, I’m sure I can find someone in the neighborhood to give it to me.”

“Oh Angel, that feels so good, but we can’t,” Logan gasped desperately, unable to resist the urge to fuck his throbbing meat into her hands.

“Oh, but we can, Daddy. Hearing you and Mom fuck last night got me so horny that I had to finger my pussy! Although I came, I need more. What I really need a thick, hard cock to satisfy me, and it sounded like you made Mom super ‘happy!’”

Watch for Part 2 of this Father’s Day GFE fantasy!

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