I just started my new job at a law firm. I was their new secretary. I worked for one lawyer specifically. His name was Mr. Gabriell Norther. He was a tall, muscular, tan, black haired, blue eyed sexy lawyer. He took over the law firm from his father. He was only 26 years old when I first met him. I was obsessed with my new job just because of the new eye candy I would have everyday at work. I thought that I could never get bored with that kind of eye candy in the office.


At first Mr. Norther only gave me passing glances. Always stood about 5ft. away from me when speaking to me, and was always short with his words. After a few months had passed by I kept catching Mr. Norther staring at me. At first I thought I was going crazy, but then my best friend Joe even started noticing. It went like this for about a month before I finally got the nerve to confront him.

I walked into Mr. Norther’s office, closed the door behind me and told him I needed to ask him something personal. His face turned flush a little and he closed his notebook, crossed his hands and sat back in his chair, motioning he was all ears. I blunty blurted out “ Why are you constantly staring at me?! Did I do something wrong or say something to offend you?” He got this small smirk on his face as if I was a fool. Which resorted to me becoming very flustered and nervous. He shook his head and said “ No you miss interpret my intentions. You see, I see you come in here everyday working your hardest and dressing as if you are trying to out shine the world. At first I tried to ignore you, but then the way you began to wear your long red hair and how you pull off those heels I couldn’t resist any longer.”


I was so taken back by what he just said I couldn’t think of anything to say back. I turned on my heels and walked out of the room and went back to my desk out side his office. That’s when I received his email.


“Dear Maisie,

I hope I didn’t scare you away. I was just being honest. Please have dinner with me tonight at my house?




I had no idea how to respond, so I automatically responded with a yes to the dinner invitation. We began emailing back and forth all day long. Getting to know each other on a whole new level. It was exhilarating. I felt like I was in high school again with a secret crush. By the time 5 o’clock rolled around I was so nervous for dinner I practically ran out of the office, got in a taxi and rushed inside my apartment as fast as possible.


I took a shower, shaved my legs and shaved my pussy. I tried on 10 dresses before I finally decided on a red tube top dress that had a sailor look to it. With the dress, I picked out some red heels that were the same color. I had my red hair pulled into a high ponytail, make-up on, and a white gold necklace hung loose around my neck. I had to be at his house by 7:30pm sharp. I was just now walking out of my house and it was 7:18pm. I thought there was no way I could make it there on time. But as I walked out of my door and look up at the street there was a black jaguar. I climbed in and enjoyed the windy ride to Mr. Gabriell Northers house.


It was gigantic, with one quick glance. I climbed out of the car, walked up the steps and was let in by a butler. I was directed towards the dining room. As I walked into the dining room there were two places at the table across from each other and food galore all over the table top. It looked like a gourmet restaurant. Gabriell walked into the room from the other side. He handed me a glass of wine, that smelled so sweet! He asked if I would like a tour of his place and how could I ever resist!


He pulled my hand and started leading me to a whole bunch of useless rooms, but he had the money to spend on useless rooms. He then dragged me upstairs and showed me his guest rooms and then his finale was his master bed room! It was white, red, and black pillows, blankets, curtains, I mean everything in this room matched each other accordingly.He then asked me “ would you like to see a secret of mine?” All I could do while the wine was fogging my mind was shake my head yes.


With one slight push of a button his room began to transform. His closet flipped inside out, the lights became dimmer, it was truly a beautiful transformation to watch. I walked up to the bed and ran my fingers across it. Then I laid down all while still holding my glass of wine. I sat up a little bit and told Gabriell I forgot to tell him a secret of mine. I told him” I am a very big light weight! I cannot hardly hold my wine at all. On top of that wine makes me a little horney” He just smiled, gracefully walked over to the bed, grabbed my glass and placed his and I’s cups on the table in the middle of the room.


He walked back over to me, and he fell down on the bed beside me. I crawled to my side and gently began caressing his chest over his shirt. I then climbed on top of him kissing the sides of his jaw, his earlobes, down his neck and pulling the sides of his shirt to reach his shoulders. He yanked his shirt off with impatientness and rolled me to my back and forced himself on top of me. Kissing across my chest and kissing across my bust feeling how hard my nipples were through my dress.  All while kissing me he undone his pants with one hand, pulled out a long thick cock. Gently rubbing it against my pussy he could feel through my thong that I was soaking wet already. He then pushed my thong aside and slowly push all of his long thick cock into my tight little pussy.


I let out a moan, and with each thrust I pushed my nails into his back harder and harder. He began thrusting in deeper and harder than before. Oh it felt so breathtaking! Then all of a sudden he flipped me onto my stomach, made me lay flat, brought up one leg and began fucking me all over again! Oh how he was going in even deeper than before. Feeling every inch of him getting harder and stiffer the closer he got to cummiing. He was pulling my hair with one hand and using my hip as leverage with the other hand. With two powerful thrust we both climaxed together! Him clutching onto my skin, while I was clutching onto the sheets.

Here I was at my bosses’ house suppose to have dinner but instead I fuck the guy! Can you believe that? I fucked my boss. Just thinking of how work is going to be now is humiliating and humoring at the same time. I now might get treated different because of tonight, but who is to say that different is a bad thing? This could be the start of a great affair, or the beginning of a blackmail lifestyle.


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